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  • Druid: lets feral the place up

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  • warlock: i put a curse on you

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    to lock or to double druid...thats the boost question

    Hi everyone,

    I have a simple but very hard question. Wich to take a lock or a extra druid.

    i have priest,paladin,shaman, dk,mage, druid, monk at level 90. My druid is my main raider ( 10 man cleared as healer and tank) working now on 25 hc.
    I want to get the collectors edition but dodnt know wich to take as boost.

    below my reasoning so far:

    pro's: Know how to play all classes, Like all the classes, love druid, can make 2 druids if i dodnt have to tank in WoD ( change for that to happen). can make feral/gaurdian, and a resto/moonkin.
    con's: allready have 1, leveling one is easyier as a pure dps one, gearing 2 druids boring may get boring?, mabye my paladin will be my main alt ( alt that i play most after my main).

    warlock: dodnt have 1, looks fun in ptr/low level so far, something else then my standard alts that can either heal or tank ( except for mage), harder to level
    con's: like most pure dps classes this most likely will become a 90's (100 in WoD) proffesion/fun alt, pure dps i almost never play

    so please post or choose in poll because i am stuck atm.

    thanx in advance
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    I chose a second feral druid, mainly because my primary druid has 2 gathering professions. If you are going to have mining and herbalism it needs to be on a druid since they are significantly better at it. I am going to switch to feral in WOD from DK so want the free boost to 600 leatherworking and Engineering which are 2 real swines to level.

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    We can't choose for you. This is your choice to make. For that reason, we don't allow threads like this.

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