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    Of course not.. script/spam to quest start, fly away to quest goal, come back asap. That's fast leveling for people without time in fantasy MMO's.

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    Yes and no. If I am going for realm first, reading the quest will get in my way so I don't.

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    Usually start off reading them but eventually just start burning through to reach cap and start gearing so my toon stays as updated as I can make it. Read maybe a zone per alt.

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    i stopped doing that a long time ago. however, during mop beta i read and completed every single quest in every zone while leveling 85-90.
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    Always. As I said before in a similar thread I always read every quest at least once. I like to know whats going on, why I have to kill these bad guys or collect the things. Yes, every quest is pretty much the same but each quest in the game has a different little story going on and it makes the quests a lot more fun and interesting. Even if I'm doing a quest I have already done, sometimes I'll read it again to remember what was going on or just for fun (some quests are actually pretty fun to read again). It's really sad that people just accept these quests without reading the backstory for them. It's like only looking at the pictures in a magazine. What's the point of having a magazine if you're not even going to read what the pictures are about? I don't think I'll ever understand why people would play a game and not care about the story. They then wonder why the game is so boring.
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    I used to, when I did like ALL quests in Kalimdor/EK/Outland back in 08. Now I don't really feel like I have time to do it, even if some quests are interesting. I think I read some klaxxi quests.
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    Depends on the setting. Pandaria as a whole was rather boring, klaxxi was average most of the rest just bad. There are just too many boring quests. If they would put 20 good quests instead of 80-120 average/below average with maybe 2-5 good ones in one zone that would be so much better. But well... I like the classic model, where there rarely was any connection within the quests. I'm not your social helper but an adventurer, don't give me quests in the city but in some undiscovered place! If in every corner there is some panda with a problem or some other little questhub I lose all my interest. But if somewhere in this isolated feralas there suddenly is a hermit, rarely anyone seems to know who tells his ancient tale and in the end something interesting is going on: yeah! More of that.
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    I don't read them the first time through when levelling my main since my goal is always to get it levelled fast and start prepping for raids.

    When I level my alts I will read the quests of zones I find interesing.

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    I read it the first time. And every time after too. I don't get much enjoyment out of rushing without context. Makes the experience feel repetitive to me.

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