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    You don't need aoe reduction trinket to solo soak on malkorok heroic.
    Yeh agreed.. But its a must have for a DK tank atleast since we only have IBF as a strong mitigation skill.. I start with IBF and stack as many Bloodshields as possible to prevent the spike and save my trinket for the end

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    Ah right, i forgot about the debuff :P

    As to heroics being hard to pug and finding a guild group, i currently cant devote time to a fixed raiding schedule(real life stuff :P) but i in a guild that looks to start raiding soon(bunch of friends of mine who were dedicated raiders beforw but took breaks and met me in a pug) and i hope to do some progression(haha, so late in the tier ^^) with them, but cant raid as a guild yet mainly due to missing last 2 members of roster and rl stuff. Till then, i might as well pug as much as i can especially asthere are many peple on my realm who pug a few hc bosses per week ^^

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    Also, how do i log my fights? I heard of people talking about logging but am blank as to that. It might help me analyze some of my dexisions and general play.

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    Go to world of logs, create a guild , download the client. Open the client , type /combatlog in game then 'start live reporting' . Easy

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    Quote Originally Posted by ptsunami2911 View Post
    2)Do you think I will be able to tank the heroics with relative ease(I know all tactics thanks to fatboss and reading up in places) with my gear assuming tactics are no issues?
    Yes, assuming you find average raiders you will be able to tank nearly the entire instance with ease with very few to no wipes at that item level.

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