View Poll Results: Which level 90 would you blacklist from showing up in your random queues?

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  • Gate of the Setting Sun

    28 5.62%
  • Mogu'shan Palace

    9 1.81%
  • Scarlet Halls

    3 0.60%
  • Scarlet Monastery

    4 0.80%
  • Scholomance

    4 0.80%
  • Shado-Pan Monastery

    102 20.48%
  • Siege of Niuzao Temple

    210 42.17%
  • Stormstout Brewery

    42 8.43%
  • Temple of the Jade Serpent

    12 2.41%
  • I would not blacklist any of them!

    60 12.05%
  • I don't run dungeons!

    24 4.82%
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    At max level, nothing really. While leveling, Gnomeregan. Twice if I could.

  2. #22
    probably siege or shado pan
    siege would have been better if they put in that gong that is in CMs so you could speed up the second boss, the rest is just "pull everything" anyway, but that shit really slows it down

  3. #23
    Siege of Niuzao and Gate of the Setting Sun. Hate them!

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    Honestly, Scholomance is the only dungeon I still enjoy doing but it's mostly because when I run heroics, it's for Justice Points and it has the most bosses.

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    everyone of them.

    Never again setting foot in any of these dungeons would make me a happy human. I hate them more than Gnomeregan or pre-map Wailing Caverns

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    There was no Oculus-type dungeon in this expansion, so I couldn't really find one that I had any particular dislike for. Most of them were relatively quick and successful 99% of the time.
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    Siege of Niuzao Temple, because the event for the second boss is boring/slow.

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    Shado-Pan or Siege because of their unskippable long waits. Gate is probably one of the fastest with the skipping you can do.

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    I'm ok with all of them, but when leveling up characters, I'd blacklist Mogushan Palace due to the lack of experience you gain per run in there.

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    Siege of Niuzao Temple and Shado-Pan Monastery. If I had to pick only one though, Siege of Niuzao Temple. Unskippable RP is terrible for the game.

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    Stormstout Brewery. Only because the simple fact EVERY single time I Q 9 times out of 10 it's this place. I'm sick of seeing it yes it's a quick run but that's not the point I'm honestly tired of seeing it all of the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lovestar View Post
    An interesting Tweet just popped up on @WatcherDev's feed:
    Originally Posted by @WatcherDev
    There needs to be a feature to be able to blacklist 1-2 random dungeons just like blacklisting random bg's
    Which ones would you blacklist?
    So, if you could blacklist level 90 dungeons like BGs — would you? Which ones?

    Reply in the thread if you'd blacklist multiple, but for the Poll, assume you can only blacklist one.

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    Actually, the only MoP dungeon I don't despise is Mogu'shan, the others are either too gimmick or annoying.

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    Siege of niuzao temple. Really hate being stunned by the adds at the start. I have adds to pull.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vulcanasm View Post

    I lolled I'd blacklist everything BUT Oculus, I love places which other people hate

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    Siege of Niuzao Temple, it's a stupid dungeon that's just as gimmicky as Oculus. Please stop adding those dungeons Blizzard. I don't WANT to hate a dungeon every expansion.

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    Mogu'shan Palace

    One long procession of mobs attempting to stun the tank. Them & their dungeon can get stuffed.

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    It would have to be Stormstout Brewery. I detest that place. Rabbits and beer elementals...seriously!!!

    Siege would be a close second though. Very annoying throughout.

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    Not suprised that Siege of Niuzao Temple is winning the poll, the 2nd boss is just incredibly slow and boring.

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    Siege and Mogu'shan, mostly just Siege though, it's the only one that makes me groan even on my monk.

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