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    ToGC 25

    Has any hunter tried to solo this yet?

    and do u have to clear it all on heroic for the last boss to be heroic or can u clear it on normal and then switch it to heroic?

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    need to clear on heroic iirc, should be soloable
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    I've only tried once or twice. Beasts and Jaraxxus is easy as fuck but Faction Champs is borderline fucking impossible on 25H (at least for me).

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    Apparently it's been done before. Or at least got past the faction champs hurdle.

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    I cleared a couple of times on 25H a while ago, around 577 ilvl. Had to go SV for Faction Champs for entrapment and whatnot, but wasn't too bad at all. Everything in there besides Faction Champs is a breeze.

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