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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalium View Post
    I wish they'd do away with specs all together... just let the bars change out like when you switch stances/forms/presences/etc. With shared cooldowns and a resource cost to switch in mid-fight... it shouldn't be advantageous to constantly switch. It does however, make it important that you know the full capabilities of your class... to me that would make for much more compelling gameplay.
    I do actually think that would make the game insanely fun, changing the vision to being able to change roles midfight, say if we were struggling to keep the raid alive someone could just start healing

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    ActionBarSaver simply needs to be implemented into the default UI, along with about 3 times more macro space. If Blizzard did that, it'd be much easier to maintain off-specs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by teddabear View Post
    Well you have to realize the real reason for dual spec was to allow people to PvP easier. The secondary effect of allowing PvE hybrids to change specs in an instance was probably an unwelcome side effect. Given that, it is extremely unlikely we will see Trispec. However there is no reason to not allow people to save additional specs in the UI. That is just wasted busy work and hassle that players should not have to do.
    Maybe those people that have to bring 2 specs to raid should also be allowed to pvp?
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