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    How do i input other people setup/configurations to details? something which many addons have but i cant see to work it out with Details. Really want to use this addon.
    if someone sent you a details! string, go to Skin Selection and click on the Import button.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrazieBird View Post
    I have setup my window with all the settings like ie bar size, bar color, text size, text color, etc. I created a new window and none of those settings were applied - how can i create new windows using the settings that I have set?

    Also I would like to have a setup where i have 3 windows as a group setup like this is it possible and if so how can i do it (group 1 and 2 try to snap to same height all the time):

    at options > skin selection > hit Apply to all Windows
    windows only group in sequence, e.g. window 3 only make group with window 2, window 2 only group with window 1.

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    Great to see mod developers interacting with the community

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    I'd like to suggest a feature.

    I think it would be great if you could add an "Icon-only" version of the Streamer plugin that can be shown in addition to the regular bar window. Similar to the outdated addon "TrufiGCD"

    I did some LUA editing to remove all the alpha from the bars, text, etc to replicate what I wanted, but I would rather not have to sacrifice the default bar window display.

    Thanks for your addon!

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    I'm having an issues with the addon, not updating the guild rankings.
    I've tried syncing it multiple times, but I don't see any new results.
    Anyone got an answer/solution?

    Thank you very much!

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