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    fasted way to farm 'lesser charm of good fortune'?

    how and where do you farm? especially on a high pop server?
    i finde it very annoying that i have to fight for the mobs on the timeless island every week

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    Timeless isle rares are the best option. Each mob can drop like 20-50 charms.

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    Timeless Isle is your best bet.
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    another option if the timeless isle isn't your thing is pet battles, i was looking for rare quality pets in the valley of the four winds managed to walk away with over 100 in an hour or so

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    Timeless Rares, I have 1000+ laying around just killing rares.
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    yep, petbattle are a good way to earn them if you dont want to use the isle.
    you can either do battles vs wild pets or do the daily tamer quests.
    it takes about 1h20m or so to do all the pandaria ones. i made about 140-150 coins after one run

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    Timeless Isle or Pet Battles are your top two. I must have 11k of these just sitting in my Currency box.

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    You should be able to get the 50 needed for each week by just collecting the weekly chests on the isle (Theres a few of them).

    You also get something like an extra 10-15 charms on your first rare kill of the day.
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    i kill frogs on timeless isle till a rare spawns. doing this at weird hours lets me have travel time to get to the rares before they die.

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    The large weekly chest give you a dozen or more each time too.
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    All you have to do is just tag a rare to get the charms and coins and whatnot. Wait for ghost ship and Evermaw, the ones with higher HP. They spawn every hour.

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    Kill literally anything at level 90 and you will be drowning in the charms. People complained about the number of dailies needed, so now we have them raining down on us.

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    The daily/weekly chests on timeless isle are pretty good. Don't have to kill anything, just run through a couple of times a week and grab them, should get you 50 coins for the week.

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    I usually Farm the Rep Spot, or the Frogs on the Timeless Isle, I usually get like 50-100 within like 20 minutes of pulling everything I see

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    pet battles daylies seems to be a good option, thanks for the tip, the problem with rares on timeless isle is, they are usually dead before i can tap them

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