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    My guild has a facebook page. We don't have a specific "share real life photos here" section, but people frequently share interesting stuff on it. I'm also facebook friends with most of the people in my guild (which is about 15 people). We get along well, I guess that's what happens when you've known people for 5 years.
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    I wouldn't join one if my guild made one. Only because I rarely even check FB.

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    i like to keep facebook & my guildies seperate.

    it's not really needed unless you are really good mates with them.
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    We have a very active Facebook group that is used for all sorts of stuff. In fact, it's so much more actively used than our site that anytime I make a post there I link it on the Facebook group immediately, and it gets read immediately.

    I do not require it, however. I also let members use the site to post out, or they can text me, and all strats/essential stuff goes to the website first.

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    Yes, but no one uses it anymore.

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    Thankfully no. If they had one I wouldn't join it.

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    My guild has/had one. I'm also not on Facebook. I'm not sure what to think about guild FB pages, if I'd join one I wouldn't take it as serious compared to the friends I'd have on both FB and in RL. One of the things I personally noticed with WoW/gaming-group FB pages is that they tend to only last for a short term. Like if a few people decide to take a break from the game, they are no longer part of the FB group anymore and totally forgotten about when they return. Or there are people who suddenly on one day think like ''lolz I have no idea why I've been in this FB group all this time, I'm out *doesn't tell anyone, ignores everyone*''.

    I suppose I sound pretty negative, but that's all I've experienced with gaming-groups forming on social media so far (about 8 or 10 groups). I believe there are groups which work out better though, but for my feeling those are pretty rare.

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    I dont see the point of having a FB page for a guild.

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    Yeah .. no .. at least not one I would know of. I'm not one for the whole social media hype train though, it would be like a having a facebook page for my dick, another thing I don't want people to see (at least not that easily :P). Especially nowadays with potential future bosses looking through the applicants facebook profile I'm not keen on anyone seeing that I raid 2 times a week and with what kind of imbeciles I'm socializing with. Not to mention that I'm not that interested in most people of my guild anyway (or what is left of it).

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    voted no.. but i'll say Hell NO! cuz.. facebook, ungh..

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    We have one, but it's not used that often, mainly Guild Site updates, same with the Twitter. Most/All things are usually organized from the Website. I only joined this Guild last year, but I get along with the people there and don't mind having them as friends of Facebook given I talk to them more than I often talk to most of those I actually have on Facebook.
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    We have one, don't see the problem with it myself, it's mainly screenshots of boss kills, guild discussions etc.

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    I haven't been playing for a while, but my old guild had forums. We used them to discuss boss strategies for our raid group, post ideas, organize events, etc.

    We may have had a Facebook page. I'm not sure.

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