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    I got exalted back in Vanilla no mount. I gave up farming for it since then really. I did my first ever CTA back in cata and got it on my first CTA while in a random LFD group and the rage they gave me

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    This is pretty much my one bragging point in all 9 years of playing WoW...I got the Deathcharger (when it was still Baron in there) the very first time I ever "went to farm it" (ofc had killed it before properly, but this was the first ever run just for the mount )

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    100+ runs and I got i think 4 of the epic swords (i forget the name).

    Every time I seen that purple icon, for a split second I thought "yeeeeeesss".. then it was the blade again :<

    Got it in the end though

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ciddy View Post
    I lost count years ago. Never got the mount, though I have picked up the Runeblade. I almost had a heart attack when I looted Baron and saw something purple in there, but that quickly turned to disappointment/nerdrage when I saw it wasn't the mount.

    edit: I actually did see the mount drop one time, but that was at level 60 in Classic WoW (meaning I was in a group and had to roll against 4 other people). I didn't win the roll, obviously.

    It'd be my damn luck that I'll see it again in a group on some lowbie alt and lose the roll again.
    Well you were kind of lucky to even see it because in classic this mount had a 0.1 or lower chance, while now it's on par with all other mount drops at 1%. Only a few people had this mount before the droprate buff, it was truly rare.

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    i saw it drop 1 time during a lfg. the mage that was afk 90% of the time won it.... god i raged at him -.-'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yuyuli View Post
    Well you were kind of lucky to even see it because in classic this mount had a 0.1 or lower chance, while now it's on par with all other mount drops at 1%. Only a few people had this mount before the droprate buff, it was truly rare.
    A Dwarf priest had it on Balnazzar in Vanilla. It looked sick back then as alliance could not get undead mounts!

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    My stats page is showing 30 kills and I Know for a fact I haven't been in there since it was changed in Cata and stopped as soon as I got the mount. Having said that I did 'cheat' it and farmed the place when the crates bug was active.
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    Not counting all the runs from classic and tbc that don't show up on statistics (i could only guess 150 or so) then I had to run it 114 times according to my statistics.

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    Took me 5 runs, got it on first day i tried.

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    Rng hates me with a passion. Been trying to get that damn mount for about 8 years, yea eight. I'll go a few times here and there but I've lost count. And go figure on Midnight (Firey Warhorse) I get it on the second time we kill Attuman.

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    Got the first one after 60 kills. A second one dropped a few kills later when I was farming some gear. Got a third one on an alt's first kill. That was back during WotLK.
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    got mine on my 2nd run during cata (edited after I looked up my stats) - only went to help a friend powerlevel and we ended up rolling for it. at that point i didn't even know there was a mount, though my friend did and he was pissed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lyseria View Post
    Hey! I just wondered for the ones who are farming/farmed for the mount. How many runs are you currently at or how many runs did it take if you already got it?

    I'm currently on 167 runs and gotten 5 god damn Runeblades of Baron Rivendare to drop but still no mount. What's your luck?

    I kinda wanna limit myself to doing max 10 runs a day but it always ends up with me doing 20+ runs every single day in hope for the mount to drop.

    Also, have the mount dropped when you wanted the runeblade instead? :P Heard some stories of it before, people who got 2-3 mounts before they even got their runeblade which is unfortunate.

    Share your stories!

    Took me 157 runs and 3 swords before I got the mount. :x
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    I did many many strat run during classic WoW and never saw it drop but one day I was bored so I went to strat with my lvl80 druid tank to try my luck and get the mount .... luckily I got it on my first run
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    Funnily enough i got this on my first run when leveling my druid in cata in dungeon finder. Hadn't set foot in there since vanilla and i beat 4 others on the roll. Talk about luck! Never seen it since tho when leveling other characters

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