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    About 500 days. I started this account a couple weeks after TBC released.

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    Combined all my characters around 750/800, 305days alone on my mage, played since 5months into Vanilla, why should i be ashamed, im maybe bored of this, but not ashamed.
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    450ish. I wouldn't say I'm ashamed, but if I could do it over again I definitely wouldn't have started playing WoW. It's too addictive for me, and although I don't play it much now I've burned through almost a year and a half of my life doing so in the past. I've made some great friends in game as well as experiences and I treasure them, but to be honest I'd trade them all to have that time back.
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    So, may good old Paladin alone has 287 Days, my Druid 172 and my Shaman 156 and they are my most played ones. Counting that with the other characters (im not going to look every single one up now) I will be around 900 Days at least... My original mains are long gone since years, and i was much more active in the game during classic, late BC and throughout WotLK. I also cant tell anymore how many chars there once have been, so it could very well be around a thousand or thousand two hundred... maybe more? ...sooo many wasted hours. On the other hand; I play since classic as mentioned... which is roughly 9 years. Im not ashamed tho... I enjoyed leveling, i enjoyed raiding, i enjoyed pvp and i even roleplayed for a long time... So for a long time as well i enjoyed every aspect of it to a fair share and there were few other games when i was a teenager with to much time. Also every single of my Girlfriends back then played as well, like many of my friends which was a good reason to keep playing myself...
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    A really good way to check and find out accurate numbers is to download the add-on Altaholic. I'm at 494 days, been playing since 2005 during Classic.

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    I've started at late Cataclysm

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    Around 600 days or so probably. I started in Vanilla, took some breaks here and there. No regrets, great game.

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    266 days. Started in Vanilla, first time I got to end-game was wotlk.

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    Was at about 1000 days played when I stopped playing at the end of wotlk, played since the launch then, didn't play during cata and haven't really played much in MoP. :/

    Don't regret it, was a reality escape.

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    500~ days, started at EU release. No, not ashamed, why should I?
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    449 Days on all toons (although I deleted 4 or 5 lvl 90 toons to level them again :P) and a few days on all alts on other realms started ~Dez.2007 i think

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    Mine is skewed due to being given my friends account, and due to deleted alts.

    It's currently listed at 895 days.

    Definitely not ashamed, I could have done more productive things with some of the time, but hell, some of the time is no doubt being online but afk doing other things. It's entertainment and it entertains, there's nothing to be ashamed of.

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    800+ as that was just my main ones, didn't feel like logging into all of the alt servers, and my original priest is on my wife's account so I can't check it either. I don't regret it at all, I met some wonderful people that I still talk and travel to see that I met on WoW. While my wife and I technically met on SWG, the only reason I started playing WoW was to convince her to give me a chance. Been married 5 years now, so its hard to regret something like that

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    310 days , playing since the end of TBC.
    was hoping for more tbh :v

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    If I'm ashamed of anything, it's only that I don't have more. Though I don't find that shameful. Just surprising. If I could count all the time I've spent on forums, watching videos, etc, I'd probably increase my time /played by at least 50%.

    I've played since mid '05 and have 270+ on my main realm.

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    I'm not entirely sure, unless there's a way to do /played when I don't have a current subscription and can't log in to the game.

    I think I had something like 400 days played across all characters last time I checked, and the highest % of that is going to be on my warrior. According to my payment history, my initial free month was December 2005. I played til the end of Cataclysm, took a 6 month break, came back, played MoP for about 3 months, and am currently inactive.

    Not ashamed. That amount of time spread across...what, 7-8 years? It's time I would've been otherwise watching TV or reading or something anyway. I never considered myself "addicted" to the game and could put it down whenever I wanted. I don't consider it wasted time because I enjoyed it and also met some of my best and longest standing online friends in WoW (and still keep in touch with them/play games with them through Steam).

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    106 days on my main, ~20 days on my two most played alts. Surprised it's not significantly higher.

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    220 ish. Including characters I have deleted it might be more like 250. Played since late Vanilla but missed Cata. I thought it would be more tbh. I can remember spending thousands of hours on GW1.

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    why would i be ashamed
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    About 200 days since burning crusade. Strong wtf at people who have spent like 1000+ days... Wtf

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