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    Quote Originally Posted by beardedcandy View Post
    thread title says it all. how many play days on your account, and try to add any deleted characters if you can.

    me personally, I'm at about 220 play days. and I'm not ashamed at all (started in 2007)
    220 days isn't that much for 2007

    My main char is close to 150 if not higher, and he started in 4.1 (cataclysm)
    Quote Originally Posted by Shekora View Post
    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?
    Quote Originally Posted by Sam the Wiser View Post
    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?

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    Think i have like 150 on my warrior, and about 100 on my monk. Im not that ashamed. Only thing i might be ashemed of, is the fact that about 15-20 of those days are purely afk'ing in orgrimmar.

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    ~893 days total
    Nope, I just imagine how much time ppl spend watching bad tv or playing farmville over the years, makes my time spent look productive by comparison. Was addicted for a long time, not any more though, don't spend as much time on.

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    Starting from june 2005, 745 days. Stopped raiding when Mists of Pandaria was released and now playing very casually. First break was about 6 months (at the end of Vanilla) and second was 10 months (from Mists of Pandaria release to last fall).

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    Far over 2 years of /played-time, started in 2006, and not ashamed. Feels a bit odd though when I imagine myself playing WoW for over 2 years consecutively without sleep/eating etc. Imagine that

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    Honestly a little surprised. I thought it would be more. ~800 days across all characters. I imagine it would be more like 1000-1200, since this is my second account. First one ended around ~2006, just before TBC came out. Also probably about 50 hours logged into Beta.
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    been around since eu launch, on my main character i have about 630days, and on my alts.. the total might be 300days.

    im not really ashamed. no reason to be.

    Many thanks to Gamelol for the signature.

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    I've been playing since early BC (minus a 2+ year break which started in Cata and ended in January of this year)

    463 Days on the main account. My pally has 195 days and my warlock has 146 days logged.

    214 Days logged on the 2nd account.

    No regrets here, this game matured me in a big way and I even met the girl who would eventually become my wife while hosting a PuG back in WoTLK.

    Why so serious?

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    367 days on my main character. I have been afraid to do a /played for a long time. It's not nearly as bad as I thought. My playtime must've slowed a bit in mop.

    How do you get the account total??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aprixius View Post
    1504 on my resto druid. 704 on my death knight. And i took a 2 month break recently so im fresh. NOW TIME FOR ANOTHER 2200 DAYS!

    am i addicted?

    No no that cant be. im not addicted. no way.
    Assuming those numbers are actually true, and that those are your only 2 toons you've ever played, that means that since launch you would have had to play 14 hours a day everyday...

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    ~170 days between my 3 important characters, the best part is like 2 of those were deleted for almost a year. Started my account in 08.
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    241 days. I started sometime in BC, can't even remember when. Probably at least
    100 days more if you count messing about on low-level toons.

    Really thought it was more than that.

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    Been playing since Sept 2007, and last time I checked was Sept last year and was at 871 days played over all characters. Must be getting close to 1000 now (24,000 hours logged into wow). Ashamed? Nah, although it's a bit sad.

    Won't get much higher than that, I'm done when sub ends.

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    Since vanilla eu lauch, on all my actually at least once seriously played characters ... oh god I'm getting sick.. 565 days. Add to that the weeks I spend in the open beta which is easily another couple of days ... ugh, not to mention the various other beta times of the expansions ...

    Am I ashamed of it? Not really, I would have probably wasted this time in another way, but playing the what if game makes me realize I could have multiple phd's by now or by sheer brute force found at least a couple of potential mates by hitting on every other girl that crossed my path. If anything the wasted potential is just saddening.

    Edit: But then, at least from an economical point of view I got my moneys worth out of my sub in the last 9.5 years, thats for sure.
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    Over 900, playing since TBC. Quit last November.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sageofthe10paths View Post
    A really good way to check and find out accurate numbers is to download the add-on Altaholic. I'm at 494 days, been playing since 2005 during Classic.
    Best add-on ever for anyone with 2 or more alts

    I'm at 182 days on my main, 365 in total.
    Started in BC.
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    Im around 70 days played total, not sure what the exact on each toon is though.

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    Garrosh literally did nothing wrong.
    Started in '04 and I have a year and a half played on the toons that haven't been deleted (Which has happened a lot due to a lack of "Character Organizer" on the login screen until recently), the only time I've been ashamed of playing is the amount of time that I was subbed for Cata.

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    309ish but it is a second account from late TBC. Played on my first account late 2005.
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    MMO-C is the depressing retirement home of world of warcraft. This is where all the old and retired players come to die.

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    Just checked my total time over the high..ish toons I have with the aid of Altoholic.
    Time played at 493 days, probably slightly higher but I can't be bothered to log on every single character
    Account created early september 2006, all in all...not _that_ much playtime.
    I'm not ashamed at all, I've had fun so it hasn't been a waste of time

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