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    Which realm has the most active Gnome role players?

    Which realm has the most active Gnome role players in Europe?

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    Emerald Dream maybe, i believe they have a strong cohort of RP'ers
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    Everybody knows that the true plot of WoD was actually Khadgar lvling up his jewelcrafting
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    Leveling up, having the time of my life picking my talent points for a fun build that highly benefitted solo play...then being told that's all garbage and I have to pick these EXACT talents in a completely different tree to raid.

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    Sadly, this is the truth, but for all the wrong reasons. Personally, I rolled a Gnome on Feathermoon. I really enjoy it. Sadly most RP realms these days feel more like PvE. I seldom see RP outside of cities, and most City RP is few and far between.

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