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    Some were in Sdyney Australia
    nice apirl fools there mmo could interesting idia to
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    This was a pretty good prank lol, had me going for the first few minutes. The controller with the credit card slot had me cracking up though, I'm hoping the higher ups or the people at Activision don't think that will be a seriously good idea one day though.

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    Awesome Good job Blizz, still got it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zka View Post
    Nice WOW april fools, I wish it was real
    I wouldn't like the draenei for horde with the "new revamp" they posted on facebook

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    You can keep anything in your inventory or void storage, but your old faction will seize any assets left behind in your bank.
    this right here tells me its fake, good try though guys

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    Man I love April fools jokes. If only they put those resources to getting beta out....

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    "Faction Change/Betrayal Quest" I wish this were EverQuest 2 u can do this!!!

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    This betrayal quest actually sounds like a really cool idea.

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    It's funny, because I know this joke is supposed to catch my attention, but all I can pay attention to is Macheath walking with his goblin buddies. Seems like something he'd do

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    well done. nice one.

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    INB4 blizz should be spending all this time spent on April Fools on actual development, oh wait 19 pages, im not inb4 anything

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    I got a hate/love relationship with Blizzard April fools. A lot of them have been cool ideas that never happened

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    I know the betrayal quest and faction change is a joke, but it would probably bring in a lot of subs. There is only one Horde race I like, and I would love to play a Tauren but I won't play Horde (although I did send heirloom gear and other BoAs that I can't use anymore and then logged into to my Horde toons I haven't touched since Blizzcon 2010, I even ran around Orgrimmar and did the starting Cata quests)

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    For a brief moment I thought, "Finally, a reason to come back to WoW!" and then I remembered the date.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Tygry View Post
    For a brief moment I thought, "Finally, a reason to come back to WoW!" and then I remembered the date.
    This was my thoughts exactly.

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    Man, I wanted to be a Night Elf on Horde side

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    first time reading this i was EXCITED as hell then after reading this again and looking at the all made sene very well played MMO-CHAMPION very well played

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    remeber the panda april fools, see where that brought us, maybe a few years down the road we will see this based on feedback

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    @Faction Change/Betrayal Quest: I wish you were real.

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    why the good futures are always april fools and we end up with the shitty one in game?
    How about we let the parenting of kids to... their parents? No, seriously, World of Warcraft is a videogame. Gaming it's supposed to be a fun activity (if you have that fun through challenges, social interactions, etc is completely up to you). Not some kind of "School of Hard Knocks about the Real World".

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