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    Shaohau Rep farm vs Coins question

    Hi quick question I want to get the 100 000Coins Serpent from Emperor Shaohao next XPac and wanted ask if it is quicker to get Rep or to get Coins and whether it is worth doing some Timeless coins collecting now or if 100 000Coins take longer to collect than ShaoHao rep.
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    The rep takes much, much longer. I stopped spending coins around 5k rep into revered and I had over 100K coins by the time I hit exalted.

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    I, personally, do the daily quest every day, winning 1k coins+ a day and like 800 rep/day. This way takes a lot longer, but makes it a lot less boring and u win a lot of coins

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    I know that right now it is this way but is it so in next Xpac when you farm different mobs?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fincher View Post
    I know that right now it is this way but is it so in next Xpac when you farm different mobs?
    I don't think the mobs are changing at all.

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    A couple of friend hit exalted last week and got around 250k coins... So getting coins is much faster then getting rep but since you need exalted to buy the mount... just farm rep and don't bother about the coins!!

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    thxx you for your answers
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    Due to laziness, I am stuck at 200.000 coins, but only friendly with the Emperor.. Should get farming, really... Want the Mount for the Collection, though, never knew it would be so difficult to get rep. All goes in Groups with some ranged but none seems to want a paladin tank, so I ran around and solo the mobs.

    But yeah, Fincher, there's some good answers here. I think, as I see it, it's just about joining some insane farming madness Group. Hehe. Happy hunting.
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    It was quicker to get the coins than the rep.

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    Don't worry about the coins, you'll be swimming in them by the time you hit exalted.

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    You will have like 150k coins when you are done with the rep.

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    When I got exalted I had about 200.000 coins and I believe I spent about 100.000 on various items so it's much easier to get the coins.
    I also did all the farming by myself, not sure how that changes things though.
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