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    Seems like a neat idea. It can level the playing field a little bit on side-biased servers. For instance, ours is like 70% alliance, so finding a bunch of horde to kill would be harder than using the censer and killing my own dudes.

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    I see what Blizzard did there: They wanted to address Faction Imbalance which is a valid concern but I believe the implementation was wrong.

    They should somehow tweak rewards right to make the PvP a nice addition for people on PVP Realms instead of a hinderance. Like for Example I remember the starting days where a pack of Ordos Emissaries camping the bridge entry to Huolon Spawn point for bloody coins farming with the result that many people got p1ssed as they died instead of reaching their Huolon Mount chance.
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    A group trying to 5 man a world boss?


    Scummy item.

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    I rolled on a PVP server. Sometimes someone kills you and it doesn't matter if its horde or ally.
    If you don't like being ganked on a PVP server, transfer your toon.

    You can't be killed like this on a PVE server unless flagged. If you don't like it, either don't get flagged or don't go island. Its a big world.


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    It needs a better implementation, such as the ability to create separate factions. Instead of Horde, Alliance and Censer, it could be Horde, Alliance, Censer, Guild 1, Guild 2, Party 1, etc.

    More player-made factions would be the icing on the cake. I like the idea behind Censer, but I think it was just poorly implemented.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vanos27 View Post
    The only people who complain about this item are the ones that join a server where their faction dominates because they want an easy time in a pvp server and still feel like they're "hardcore" but what this item does is take away that easy mode they so love since they can be attacked by either side.
    No, most of the people complaining aren't interested in PVP at all, or at least not world pvp. They moved to the realm because they knew people there or that it had a very high population, which many PVP servers for horde EU has at least. More people makes for a better mmorpg experience, but not with PVP in mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by speehs View Post
    I think it's great. I've never used it (and probably won't), but I like killing censers almost more than I like killing Alliance. And I REALLY like killing Alliance.
    I never pvp, but whenever I see a censure-player, I attack him if I feel that I can win. I never attack alliance though. They are so few in numbers and are just trying to get by, awww, I feel sorry for them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gadfly View Post
    Says the person that plays horde on a massively horde heavy server.
    Reroll alliance on your realm and let's see how quickly you change your mind...
    And its nice that you can bat your eyes and have a bunch of people that will run out and protect you, some of us don't have people willing to drop everything and come kill people that are ganking or griefing us.
    Well, why would anyone do that? I don't care about fair. I only care about killing alliance. And it might be a horde thing, but outside of city raids, Horde always seemed to come throw down when shit is happening than the Alliance. My serving sample is low, only had brief periods when I was playing on Alliance toons.

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    I don't attack people in World PVP because it's cheap. Whether this is 'Warcraft' or not, I'd rather get on with my day than run around bothering people just to get my jollies. PVP server or PVE server, I don't care. If someone had told me at some point that Blizzard would introduce a same-faction-PVP option for people to take advantage of before this even existed, I'd have said it's the dumbest thing ever. Whether it addresses 'faction imbalance' or not.

    Want faction balance? Make Timeless Isle a CRZ between two imbalanced servers and allow multiple instances of the same area. It's not impossible to achieve considering Ashran is just that. The same way they didn't foresee swoop n ganks when flying released, they didn't expect this to be an issue for people. It's just bad judgment.

    People trying to justify it don't know good PVP. It's generally consensual and involves large numbers of opposite factions attacking each other. Not some moron who gets happy off seeing how upset people get when he attacks them whilst they're trying to play the game they enjoy in their own way without adversely impacting someone else.

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