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    Which EU server should I transfer to?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm thinking about trying WoW again, gearing up my Paladin, leveling up my Hunter and gearing him up aswell. Problem is that the last time I resubbed and tried to do those things, I just couldn't. I've got all of mine Horde chars on Azjol-Nerub which HAS to be like the worst server where you can end up right now.

    - It has terrible waiting times - approx. ~40 mins for every LFR/LFD
    - No useful items in Auction House - glyphs, flasks, recipes, gems, materials etc.
    - Cities are like ghost towns.

    + Only Pro is that leveling is easy there, because there's NOBODY.

    And I could go on and on...

    It's just terrible compared to other servers like Draenor or Outland for example, where you have tons of times in Auction, lively community doing old raids, other events for achievs and the server feels "alive". Only problem is there are loading times of course, but maybe I could get used to that.

    Also, I think it's because of these "minor" things that I end up having no fun at all in the end.

    So I wanted to ask you, if you could recommend me any good EU Horde server where I could finally have some longer lasting fun? Or maybe I should just go to Draenor and get used to its loading times?

    Thanks a lot!

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    LFR/LFD is cross-region. Changing Servers don't matter for queue times.

    For Horde:
    Twisting Nether

    Probably some more but I know of these for sure.

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    As above, but I vote Tarren Mill.
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    Avoid Kazzak like plague unless you want a brain haemorrhage.

    It may have a lot of players but they have a reputation of being the worst imaginable scum in EU - and for a good reason.
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    Tarren Mill all the way for Horde

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    Thanks a lot guys! I really appreciate it.

    I'll look at Tarren Mill, otherwise I'll go to Draenor.

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