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    Quote Originally Posted by SynergyDarkstar View Post
    This really does sound like bullshit, because we can already equip those weapons and any attack we can perform with a sword/axe/mace we can perform with a fist weapon. AND they obviously fixed the MH/OH mirroring problem, because all fist weapons were changed from MH/OH to one-hand.

    Lack of xmogging in and out of daggers is disappointing, but understandable, since there are weapon type restrictions on those moves (mutilate) (even though we can see the animations on model viewers like wowhead).
    If you have Ai-Li's Skymirror equip 2 swords, use the mirror on yourself and equip daggers again. You're now wearing swords and using mutilate. There is no technical limitation.

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    Also: Literally every dev stopped tweeting it seems. I'm used to not getting answers from them but I don't even see responses in my feed.
    Quote Originally Posted by TheWindWalker View Post
    Knowing Celestalon, he both A) doesn't know and B) will nerf the spec until he figures it out while denying it ever happened.
    "Mastery Haste will fix it."

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    Quote Originally Posted by fierydemise View Post
    Basically yes, also sometimes doesn't actually trigger an evis for unknown reasons.

    It only copies yellow attacks, hemo and rupture do apply dots however these dots disappear once the clone expires.


    The clone abilties cannot proc anything, this includes VW, MG, FW and poisons.

    The clone does not have combo points, it simply mimics your abilities. If you use a 5 cp envenom your clone will use a 5 cp envenom. The clone is a seperate unit with its own set of debuffs.

    Assassination AoE rotations and how CT fits in vs just pumping out ruptures isn't clear at the moment.

    Not great, SR is superior on both single target and AoE.

    15% of your native (haste based) energy regen.


    Probably yes.
    thanks for answering
    DFA uses envenom instead of eviscerate for assassination right?
    i still dont understand why SR>Venom zest for assassination when so much % of damage done by DP/VW/AA
    is venom zest that bad? it feels more fitting for assassination
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    Quote Originally Posted by Musta View Post
    its alpha.
    Quote Originally Posted by Raybourne View Post
    then it's beta. then it's release. then it's "don't buy it if you dont like it". and then it's too late.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tassia View Post
    Yes they did and then after a while, they said that we wouldn't be getting any new poisons.
    What a load. Thanks blizz.

    Quote Originally Posted by Maelstrom51 View Post
    Cheat death allows for mistakes. Not just your mistakes - if your raid screws up a mechanic and 'kills' you, you're still fine with cheat death. Also, last phase of heroic garrosh its amazing for the fourth malice. Speccing Cheat Death allows you to do more fun/risky stuff during farm as well, such as never use feint, which is a slight dps increase.

    Meanwhile, Leeching Poison's heal is miniscule and makes literally no difference to healers. The damage reduction from elusiveness during a single big AoE will contribute more than Leeching Poison. Numbers and mechanics wise it is by far the worst talent in the row. There is no reason to ever use this talent in a max level raid, and there is a good chance the same will happen in WoD despite the buffs.
    Id rather have leeching over mind numbing when it does next to nothing outside some ads and I never feint. Most anything I need to avoid is spell dmg which I negate with cloak.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sesshou View Post
    Then there is even less of a reason to have elusiveness because what in the world are you reducing with it if you're avoiding the raid damage?

    Really elusiveness doesn't save you. It makes you easier to heal. For a small fraction of the time to a very small fraction of raiders, that is really nice. I honestly can't think of a single time in the last month (well longer really, but can't say my memory of farm content is clear that long) when elusiveness would have actually stopped me from getting killed. An extra 15% off of damage that is predictable to your healers too just doesn't end up making the life or death difference. CD definitely does though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DakonBlackblade View Post
    Cheat Death can be used actively many times, soaking boss skills like Garroshs Malice or Lei Shens Static Shok for instance. And Elusivness is super strong on fights with lots of AoE raid damage like Elegon, Iron Jugernault and so many others. Elusiveness is also very good on fights that bosses have debuf and whatnot that deal heavy single target damage and need cds/strong heals to keep the person alive, like Heroic Shamans for instance. I dont quite understand how someone woud say they cant see value on those 2 talents based on beeing good at avoiding damage lol.
    If those two spells are what Im thinking, then those are also cloakable. Negates elusiveness + feint.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nalira View Post
    I just read that 2H swords, axes and maces can be transmogged into staves and polearms come 6.0. Went on the beta to try it and I'm a bit pissed right now that Daggers and Fist Weapons are still not transmoggable into Swords, Axes and Maces and vice versa.
    They need more fist weapons like Fist of the Diety. Not the stupid ass fist weapons they have now. Or like wolverine claws lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by JKinTMC View Post
    thanks for answering
    DFA uses envenom instead of eviscerate for assassination right?
    i still dont understand why SR>Venom zest for assassination when so much % of damage done by DP/VW/AA
    is venom zest that bad? it feels more fitting for assassination
    DFA for mut does use envenom yes. Honestly, ill be grabbing venom zest for both pve and pvp as well as the energy glyph paired with Vanish glyph then just macro stealth with vanish.
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