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    I don't get it?? Why would they remove Cleave? Now the only AOE ability tanks have is thunderclap?? What other melee attack does AOE damage?

    Also removed disarm????

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    Quote Originally Posted by IKT View Post
    Originally hated it then keybinded it to scroll up and loved it ever since then.
    I scrolled up on accident after reading this, thanks a lot

    But yes, RIP Cleave, not all could survive the great ability purge.
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    You terrify me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vereesa View Post
    This. I don't even main a Warrior and I was very excited to see the new Meat Cleaver passive.
    What, the perk that makes it grant 2 stacks? Now if you wanted to heavy AoE you'd waste a stack, unless they up the charges of Meat Cleaver to 4.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tearsofflame View Post
    I don't get it?? Why would they remove Cleave? Now the only AOE ability tanks have is thunderclap?? What other melee attack does AOE damage?
    Also removed disarm????
    Yes, welcome to the World of "You must now CC like mad in group environments again. Looking for mage DPS".
    Jokes aside though, Arms losing both cleave and whirlwind doesn't sound fun at all to me.

    And disarm removal is also really uncalled for. It's not like PvEers had to keybind it, but it provided good/exciting gameplay in PvP when you could save your own ass for a few seconds.
    If anything, I always found Slam to be one of the most boring abilities warriors had (especially after the cast removal), but still it seems to remain popular with the devs for some reason.

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    Cleave and Whirlwind was NEVER used as Arms, WW is less damage than a slam, and Cleave is less damage than SS+Heroic Strike.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Volitar View Post
    I agree with this. So far I am pretty unhappy with the spells they are removing..are we pushing toward LoL where every class only has 4 abilities?
    You mean its more like ARPG then a MOBA.

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    It was hardly worth using even with Ultimatum. Protection warriors are not currently in a position to worry about rage, and since Cleave did such incredibly crappy damage, there was no need to actually fit into your rotation even with the procs. You were better off casting Shockwave, Thunder Clap or Revenge in the spot for AoE. You were better off just spamming Devastate and Shield Slam and hitting the tab key when those abilities were on cool down. There was never a point where Cleave was actually worth casting because Protection Warriors are not rage capped... they are GCD and ability capped, so each one needs to count!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Choice View Post
    Seems that way, at some point it seems Blizzard got it in their heads that MOBAs and diablo was what the average MMO player wanted. So we're set to have an experience which was the downfall of a lot of lesser MMOs. IE: A lack of depth in it's combat mechanics.

    Warriors losing cleave, warlocks losing drain soul and feral druids losing swipe. These aren't minor things, they have defined the class since launch.
    The downfall of a lot of MMOs? Oh, you mean like GW1, GW2 and most everything else that has come out soon and is still going strong? No one really enjoys having 25 keybinds with 5 that really do very little to nothing. Its much better to just have 20 useful keybinds. Cleave was a pointless spell for two specs of the class.

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    Umm... Revenge still hits 3 targets (usual pull) and Shockwave still has a frontal cone. Revenge has a 9 second cool down and procs a reset on cool down. Shockwave is only really going to be used in a situation where you are hitting 3 mobs, so it has a 20 second cool down. It takes about 20 seconds to do each pull. Its easy to have Shockwave up for the next pull. Not to mention, Thunder Clap has a 6 second cooldown and pretty insane bleed attached. Not to mention that Devastate is extremely powerful and instant "cast" with no cool down (you do have a tab key don't you)? The problem with Cleave is that it did not justify being used in a GCD/Abillity Locked rotation.
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    The reason they removed disarm entirely is two fold: It really is a PoS for anyone fighting you in PVP to the point where it helps unbalance the class. Any melee is SOL the entirety of the effect, and they are trying to keep numbers as small as possible while still being competitive as a part of their design philosophy. Therefore, they have gone out of their way to make the margin of difference in boss damage versus takable damage as narrow as possible. That equation is changed vastly when you have the ability to chain disarm effects on a boss till they become immune to it.
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    cleave seems like it was a pretty iconic ability so its a little sad to see it go. i fear that drain life may soon share the same fate on warlocks which i also feel is a really iconic spell.

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    I propose an ingame event where Saurfang lays Cleave down on a giant funeral pyre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Perr View Post
    Warrior main since early vanilla...I never liked cleave
    Same here, but I can't help but get sentimental about it. So many hardships. Same for Berserker Stance.

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    They seem to be toning down directed AoE and cleave abilities in general, probably because of the new Multistrike stat, which creates splash damage.

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    Though I miss mocking blow more it will be sad to see it go.

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    Looks like we get a glyph of cleave.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
    I propose an ingame event where Saurfang lays Cleave down on a giant funeral pyre.
    I counter-propose that a final match between Mister Crowley (dun, dun, duuuunnn!) and Saurfang decides who will retain Azeroth's only Cleave.

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    Glyph of Cleave should replace heroic strike witch cleave instead of adding the cleave affect to heroic strike. I just want the ability to have the same animation, sound and especialy name as before. It would simply be sad to lose an ability that gave a name to a whole category of Attacks. You just have to say: "This mob has a cleave atack" and everybody knows what to expect.

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    I have to say, they should have just removed something else and made it better, it's a warriors signature move, used by all of the great warriors of our time in some amazing way, remember Dranosh Saurfang cleaving down frost giant after frost giant at the gates to Icecrown Citadel? Remember when Varok Saurfang cleaved a quillboar in the barrens, accidentally creating the Thousand Needles Gulch and transforming Tanaris from a lush jungle into a barren wasteland? That shit was AMAZING.

    I barely play a warrior nowadays, but RIP Cleave.

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