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  • It's just another farming/daily fest

    106 32.42%
  • It's too easy

    19 5.81%
  • The pvp tagged players caused unwanted pvp

    30 9.17%
  • No flying

    43 13.15%
  • Rare spawns dies too fast

    43 13.15%
  • I die too often

    7 2.14%
  • MOP previous dailies left a bad taste in my mouth

    21 6.42%
  • Other reasons

    58 17.74%
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    I especially hate those horde chars that turn on their own that bugs the hell out of me

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    Storylines and an "interesting" progression are very reliant upon gating.
    To simply prevent someone blowing through it all and missing the "experience".
    That is simply not a good mechanism to put functional items like gear behind.

    Reputation grinds in themselves are not a bad thing, only when they are used to gate functional gear acquisitions.

    Having the choice to blow through, to grind till your eyes bleed can be a good thing in addition to a storyline.
    I think having a long grind, small amounts of reputation as offered on Timeless Isle can be a good way to offer that, but to make it unattractive to some players so you may CHOOSE the daily/story progression in place of it.
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    Your forgot to include the part where we blame casuals for everything because blizzard is catering to casuals when casuals got jack squat for new content the entire expansion, like new dungeons and scenarios.
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    T'is good to see there are still people valiantly putting the "Ass" in assumption.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nayaga View Post
    TI was boring, just a loot piñata.
    Except that a pinata drops things that we want.

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    Comparing Firelands to Timeless Isle is like comparing A slice of French Silk pie to a Double Cheeseburger.

    EDIT: You can't compare the two - before anybody doesn't get the point. :P

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    don't think its fair to lump all end contents into one category. TI is dreadfully boring, didn't mind the others as much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mvallas View Post
    Comparing Firelands to Timeless Isle is like comparing A slice of French Silk pie to a Double Cheeseburger.

    EDIT: You can't compare the two - before anybody doesn't get the point. :P
    They are both major content patch for an end of a tier.

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    the only one i have ever disliked has been timeless isle. i went there when it was first introduced for the celestials and ordos once a week and once i didn't need anything else, i have never stepped foot back there again.

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    The reason I hated TI is not there. The reason is: it's fucking boring. It's a GW2 rip-off, a game that kept me at max level about 1 week. The only reason this shit was such a "success" is the addition of the loot pinata, which made any new fresh 90 go there. But they went there because they were forced to go there. Now combine that with the fucking blood coins and you have fresh 90s, forced to get there, only to be met by ridiculously overgeared retards

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    The Dreadfort, or Korriban. You never know.
    I hate it (Timeless isle mostly,) because its one of the most god awful boring things blizzard has ever pumped out imo.

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    I Dislike Timeless isle for a few reasons It's just another farm till your geared up content It's to easy Bosses do die to fast There no point in talking to anyone only when your finding a group for cele's Why would i want to farm this place when i can be doing Dungeons which are much harder well used to be than sitting there running around opening hidden chest and taping a few buttons to kill some mobs i want a challange Even if your casual or not There no Feeling of reward when you just get free loot.

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    I hated Firelands with a passion because I hate dailies.

    Timeless Isle was pretty cool until the Shao rep quest.

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    If you combine the strengths of TI and IoT, you'd have the perfect zone, in my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyde View Post
    They are both major content patch for an end of a tier.
    But their intent is apples and oranges. Hell, Firelands wasn't even for end-tier. Firelands is better compared to Isle of Thunder in that regard.

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    TI represents everything I hated about GW2, and pretty much nothing about it is enjoyable to me. You run around in a big zerg of DPS, moving like locusts from rare to rare, mindlessly burning down everything in your path. There's zero thought required, and it's boring. I hated it in GW2 as much as I hate it in TI. Like another poster said, there's no "It's boring bullshit" option, but that would be my vote.
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    Other reasons, namely the achievement Going To Need A Bigger Bag. I am on the last step, Warning Sign, and I am currently on 424 attempts at the time of writing. (It's from Jakur of Ordon). The other one was the Ashen Stone from Watcher Osu, that took me 391 attempts. I do have that one though at my 391th attempt.

    Seriously, that achievement sucks balls. Calculated, I spent 13 days and 6 hours on that exact same spot, waiting for the rare to spawn, provided that it takes on average 45 minutes for the rare to spawn. 45 * 424 = 19080 minutes. 19080 / 60 = 318 hours. 318 / 24 = 13,25. A quarter day is 6 hours. So I essentially wasted nearly 2 full weeks of just waiting on which the rare dies in 10 seconds.
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    I very much like TI. The things I don't like about it - the rares definitely die too fast, their HP is supposed to scale with nearby players but clearly Blizzard hasn't gotten that formula right. Also the Bigger Bag achievement was downright sadistic, at least it's account level now! But the drop rates are still abysmal.

    The actual gear drops at a very generous clip, and I get the upgrade tokens at a good rate as well all things considered. My bags are bulging with all the shit that drops though. Yikes.

    And presumably you meant Molten Front. Don't know why you wouldn't say IoT which is more closely comparable.

    I also liked MF and IoT.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sasquatch View Post
    If you combine the strengths of TI and IoT, you'd have the perfect zone, in my opinion.
    IMO IoT pretty much evolved into TI. I think TI plus the overarching lore chain from 5.1 dailies would be the perfect endgame zone.
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    Look Batman really isn't an accurate source by any means
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    TI was boring and easy, the only mob (that isn't a boss) i havent been able to solo is Archiereus of Flame
    Technically i havent solo'd Cinderfall, but its impossible to kill him without other people jumping in (and then dying, and then jumping in again), same deal with Evermaw/Ship

    Molten Front was far too grindy

    Isle of Thunder wasn't too bad, is was a bit grey for my tastes, soundtrack wasn't particularly thrilling either, decent rewards
    I just wish they had put ALL the old Troll raid gear in (Jin'rohk especially), and the vanilla Zandalari Tribe profession stuff as well
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    I'm still waiting on someone to tell me where all these people that suddenly care about Warrior balance were during Cataclysm when they were blow up dolls with plate armor on.
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    Stop complaining to solve your lack of ability, and start reading and practicing to gain ability. Stop trying to bring people down to your level instead of striving to raise yours.

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    Firelands (or rather Molten Front) was epic.. Gigantic quest hub that worked wonders..
    Timeless Isle, was a horrible sandbox with endless grinding.. When I want grinding, I launch Diablo 3, not WoW...
    Fact (because I say so): TBC > Legion > Cata > MoP > WoD = WotLK

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    Too time consuming considering the shitty rewards.

    Also no storyline which makes it even worse.
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    Other reasons. It is a grindfest with no to very little to offer in terms other than "kill 1000+ yaungol". No story, no information on what is going on, just "go and kill". At least with the ten boar proverbial behinds, there's a story that comes with them.

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