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    Enhanced Crimson Tempest - New Assassination Rotation?

    Everyone know that they add Enhanced Crimson Tempest as the one of the Assassination buff at level 100. Here's what it gives:
    Crimson Tempest also increases the damage targets take from your poisons by 30% for 1 sec plus 1 sec per combo point.
    To be honest I didn't even try using it because it's a DPS loss and overall Crimson Tempest is very weak ability for Assassination Rogue(DoT'ting everyone with rupture does a lot more dmg and also gives you a lot energy), so I totally forgot about it.
    But... Someone tried using it with 4PC and Archimonde trinket(that combo seriously gives many combo points)? I'm pretty sure there are situations when Rogue have 5 combo points, rupture on the target and Envenom buff, it's worth to use it to make boss 30% more vulnerable to poisons? It does increase DMG of Dispatch or Envenom? It's overall DPS gain? Anyone tried that?

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    Definitely not worth it on poisons alone. If it affects Envenom (which I doubt), then it is a more interesting question.

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    Does it affect venomous wound and envenom or only deadly poison? With 4p and trinket we are swimming in CP and energy.

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    Only poisons, also not worth it, tried simming it but no amount of CT was a dps gain.
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    there's a whole topic about it on ravenholdt


    tl;dr version
    it might or might not be a slight dps increase or dps loss, so far nothing is confirmed and even if it would then it still would probably be a marginal dps change so not even worth bothering

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