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  • Warrior

    23 17.16%
  • Paladin

    16 11.94%
  • Rogue

    26 19.40%
  • Death Knight

    21 15.67%
  • Shaman

    21 15.67%
  • Monk

    19 14.18%
  • Druid

    8 5.97%
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    Talking Why is your favorite melee your favorite?

    Why is your favorite melee your favorite? Mine is Monk by the way, because it's the only melee class that I can heal with, while staying a Gnome!
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    Feral- Why? Because I main a Feral. And to me it never gets old.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rinni1990 View Post
    Feral- Why? Because I main a Feral.
    That's cool! So it is not because of the Druid lore or something else, it's simply the mechanism of feral you like best?

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    I enjoyed my Frost DK for a long time. Combat felt satisfying to me. I liked the spells we used while beating the crap out of creatures/foes. Frost Breath...I wish there had been Blood Breath for Blood DKs. I also liked having a pet to summon and sacrifice and Army. They should let us have a Frost Ghoul or something.

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    Warrior, because of, in no particular order;

    Charge - Especially the fact it's a stun. In-game mobility is amazing but the idea of charging up to your enemy with weapons drawn just makes me feel badass
    Heroic Leap - Leaping headlong into combat gives me the same feeling as Charge but better
    Intimidating Shout - The idea of a Warrior is to be strong, fearsome and scary. The latter matches this ability perfectly.
    Bladestorm - This is hands down the best ability every, even when it was Disarmable. Prot 180% weapon damage, RIP never forget.
    Crit Banner - Bitches love my banner, gets me all the Mage buffs

    In all honesty, it's the raw appeal of the class. There's no magic, no spectacular pretty range abilities. It's just gritty, dirty melee, you're in the boss/enemies face smashing at them with 1 or 2 massive weapons. Even as prot, you're on the frontline defensive, guarding your allies and those of lesser physical capabilities from getting crushed.

    tl;dr: I like to smash stuff.

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    Paladin because it has a crap ton of raid utility.

    That strangely raids generally aren't looking for for whatever reason.

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    Enhancement and Rogue.

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    Shaman Enhancement, as I love swinging weapons enhanced with elements (nothing better than punching someone's face with fiery axe), and I'm deep into Horde lore, and I feel that shamans are trademark of the Horde (I know Draenei are also very deep in that, and dwarves kind of worship their ancestors, but...) When someone says "Shaman", I just imagine orcish or tauren guy from Warcraft :P

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    Unholy death knight. Loved it ever since blizzard introduced em.

    Oh.. and death coils ofc !! ^^

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    Dk for me, always liked them in the RTS games.

    its just so much fun to be a corpse summoning, plate wearing, soul draining badass!

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    For me, rogues.

    Instant attacks that actually feel responsive compared to other classes. I want to attack something *now* not wait a few seconds later after my strike lands.

    Stealth is something I really can't do without as I enjoy sneaking into enemy territory in general. I like being able to pick my fights and in settings like WSG I like being a "spy" and getting into an enemy base, or hanging around a base in AB, or towers of AV . That alone makes rogues the only real option to me.

    That and duel wielding is reasonably fun. My improvements would be though, removing the miss chance/penalty of dual wielding. Not just for a damage increase, just because it would be more satisfying to never miss. I played a hard hit capped cata combat lowbie rogue alt for a while, auto swing crits just felt very satisfying.

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    Paladin. Why? I've been playing it as my main since the start of Wrath and love it to death. I have all other classes at level 90, but my Paladin just never stops being my favorite.

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    Warrior. I've always liked the simple and brutish melee class, don't need no necromancy, backstabbing, elemental powers, light energy, claws or chi energy, just an old fashioned axe to the face.

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    For melee, I like rogues best. They have the most tools, as well as most interesting to use tools as a pure melee DPS. They have quite a high skill cap too, which making being good at one feel especially badass. Every other melee feels quite simple in comparison. If I didn't enjoy tanking and healing more than DPS, I would main a rogue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterOfKnees View Post
    Warrior. I've always liked the simple and brutish melee class, don't need no necromancy, backstabbing, elemental powers, light energy, claws or chi energy, just an old fashioned axe to the face.
    That is not very efficient. The old fashioned axe to the back is way more effective.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stevegasm View Post
    They have quite a high skill cap too, Every other melee feels quite simple in comparison
    Combat(the go-to spec) is much more simple than something like feral, or even fury.
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    Feral. I've recently mained a feral and I've played Druids before and just love them. Also played a monk and death knight but nothing beats a feral!

    Thanks to Cynsacat for the awesome signature.

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    Rogue, definitely. The best defense is not getting hit at all, and the best offense is not playing fairly.

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    Used to be warrior, the death of tanking and stances/dancing killed it for me though.

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    enhancement, gameplay is more fun than the 2 button specs I guess. The burst has been awesome this expansion too.
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