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    LK 25hc as frost

    Greetings fellow mages,

    I know people have been soloing Arthas as fire for quite some time now, but did anyone actually manage to accomplish that as frost? Obviously juggernaut's trinket is a must, but I have no clue whether frost's movement DPS is enough. Also, WE despawning is also an issue...

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    A quick search on Google yielded just fire mages' soloes. That's as far as I can go, unfortunately...
    Why don't you swap to fire?

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    I can't see why there'd be a problem. I'll try it this weekend, I have the 580 focusing crystal.

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    Apparently I can't have MI or even WE out during the second phase. Valkyres sometimes go apeshit crazy and grab me. I end up having 2 spirits after the transition and the silences are painful.

    Also, fire can use combustion as a healing CD with the focusing fire; frost, unfortunately, doesn't have such a huge burst damage on the move, even if you manage to hit a huge mob of mobs with your FO...

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