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    Favourite In-Game Music

    Hey all, simple question, what's your favourite in-game music from any zone you've been in, this is easy for me, hands down Storm Peaks, so so good.


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    The entire Dragon Soul soundtrack was pretty awesome, even for being a fairly lackluster raid.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbpEBkN36B0 Playing during Madness and Ultraxion created a bit of epic feeling to the encounters. If only we could turn off player should and keep the volume up on boss sound....

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XP8BhyTfbH0 Was another one. Looking out at the sky on the Skyfire with that playing on loop was kind of awesome.

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    Storm Peaks was indeed breathtaking for me also, until you accidentally pressed a spell and got dismounted .
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    Storms Peak was incredible.

    Also, the Dwarves theme, the Tauren theme, and Jania's Homeland.

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    Howling Fjord, Night Elf starting area

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    Especially the part that goes from 2:15 to 3:40. Eargasm. Nerdgasm. Loregasm.
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    Grizzly Hills, along with Storm peak.

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    Grizzly Hills all the way
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    vanilla login music, vanilla durotar/barrens. good god nostalgia

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    yeah.. the Night Elf starting area is somewhat mystical and relaxing to listen too.. even the deep purple hues work well.

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    storm peak was all good, but stormwind always tkaes the lead.

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    Elwynn Forest's original music. It was very peaceful and tranquil-it suited the zone so well.
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    Ashenvale will always be special for me.

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    The jousting area outside of ICC or Stormwind were always my favorites.

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    I like the wandering Isle music, also the dalaran music during the 5.1 quests. Toc Raid and Dungeon music was also pretty cool.

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    I love all the music from WoW and find it very difficult to pick a single track (and I say that having played every expansion), but Howling Fjord is the first thing that comes to mind. Overall, I think Wrath had the best soundtrack of any expansion. I went straight to Howling Fjord first, so that place was my introduction to Wrath.

    People talk about turning off in-game music to listen to Winamp/whatever else playlists. This track is actually IN my Winamp playlist.
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