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84. You may not vote on this poll
  • Orc

    7 8.33%
  • Tauren

    9 10.71%
  • Troll

    3 3.57%
  • Undead

    18 21.43%
  • Human

    9 10.71%
  • Night Elf

    16 19.05%
  • Gnome

    16 19.05%
  • Dwarf

    6 7.14%
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    I wished there was a "none" option in the poll... lol.
    Anyway, I think majority of the people excited or even not too excited about player models are forgetting the fact that ALL of the player models that are being re-worked will have slightly new animations that are more fluid as well as in the face, where there will be emotions you can actually rather than having a blank stare. When you attack, you will see a warrior expression in their faces when they are hitting mobs or players... That's what is more outstanding and important to see than just thinking they are just upping the polygons on the models. The expressions will make our characters feel more "alive" and more immersive.

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    Voted Night Elf just incase they will still use the leaked-scrapped model :P

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    None, because there is an option in Interface to turn on old models.
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    Your nostalgia is worthless, currently none of the models are worth preserving or missing. Step up and embrace the future
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