View Poll Results: How much gold have you spent on Transmog during MoP?

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  • <10k

    131 55.04%
  • 10k-50k

    40 16.81%
  • 50k-150k

    28 11.76%
  • 150k-400k

    19 7.98%
  • 400k<

    20 8.40%
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    Somewhere around the 50 - 75k mark i would guess. Spent most of that trying to get T3 off the BMAH...which I am only halfway through obtaining.

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    Spent about 300k for my Bonescythe set

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    I bought a night blade for 10k on my rogue, I'd like to get some T3 though

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    Nothing. I believe that transmog is idiotic and not worth the gold sink. I've only ever transmogged 1 item on a toon and that was a shield and that was just to see how the whole thing worked.

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    Quite a bit, considering I purchased a CM gold run and a Garrosh kill because my guild will NEVER get those done with the current chaos. Those were around 70k together. And my DK is getting to work on Warrior Tier 3, at minimum shoulders, helm, maybe boots.
    But mostly time, almost everything I do is for it, be it farming a set from lower tiers or getting a mount / pet to match it (my rogue thanks you, Anzu).
    What's the point of money if you sit on it, what's the point of gear when it will be replaced in a patch or two, a Tmog set can be eternal.

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    Nothing, even though I've collected a ton of transmog sets. I just don't think any of the ones you can actually pay for look good at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ablib View Post
    Who knows? How does anyone know? Is there a stat in the game that calculates this? Asking based on someone's guess is pretty useless.
    Most people, including myself, can tell exactly how much they spend on what.. I have spend exactly 64k on transmog.
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    Don't know how much exactly, but most likely a LOT.

    With my priest:
    - full Plagueheart
    - full Faith
    - most parts of Frostfire

    With my monk:
    - full Dreamwalker
    - full Bonescythe

    With my Shaman alt (which I don't even play )
    - full Cryptstalker

    A lot of crafted BoEs which I didn't need, but wanted for transmog.
    A lot of greens that I couldn't be bothered to farm myself.

    - Teebus Blazing Longsword

    The list goes on.
    If I had to guess, I'd say more than 600k.
    Don't really care about it. I keep ~1 mil. in case a nice mount etc. shows up on BMAH, but other than that, I don't need the gold for anything else anyway.
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    A lot. I'm a role player and there are a couple of characters who change regularly. I've spent a combination of gold, justice, valor, honor and time on collecting sets. One character even had to level leatherworking to get hers. Counting that plus the other things I've bought for various characters, as well as the cost of transmog itself (especially on higher level characters), I would guess it's up around the 400k mark and one of the things contributing to keeping me poor, on some realms.

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    Just on items? Only afew hundred gold I think, maybe 6-800g max

    Just on the actual transmog (not including bought gear) maybe about 5k+

    Edit: Just for my DK
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    easily over 300k.

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    Not a lot. I like using the old nostalgia-dripping sets that I have in my bank. I think I bought Krol Blade and The Night Blade at some point though.

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    Less than 1000g total for all 11 characters that I would consider ones I actually play. I thrift store shop for transmog. I think of a look and a color scheme, go to the AH, search for pieces with the cheapest listed first and just find a way to make the cheap stuff work together. If its got a price tag of over 100g total, I think of a different look\color.

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    I haven't made any single big purchases. Just a lot of little gear that adds up (no clue...guessing around 4k). I know I have spent a lot on transmogging itself. I feel neurotic that way, trying to find the "perfect" look for a toon, thinking I've found it, and then going through the process again in a few days. I'm never satisfied

    The one big purchase that is most tempting, haven't pulled the trigger, is the Sword of Wizardy or whatever it's called. I think there are similar models with that lightsaber look.

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    A few thousand here and there. It's mostly a time investment for me because I farm items on three characters (hunter main, dk alt, warlock alt) until I get everything. I have bought Cryptstalker boots and gloves thought off of the BMAH for super cheap though (under 10k).

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    Quote Originally Posted by ihatepeople View Post
    I have bought Cryptstalker boots and gloves thought off of the BMAH for super cheap though (under 10k).
    10k is the minimum bidding price for all T3 pieces.

    Was about to up the sum for me yesterday by quite a bit by bidding 200k on the Faith shoulderpads. Unfortunately I had to leave and got outbid. Sad, sad times.

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    Almost nothing. Haven't bought anything in the game to transmog, and have transmogged 2-3 items overall since the tool was introduced.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nivis View Post
    10k is the minimum bidding price for all T3 pieces.

    Was about to up the sum for me yesterday by quite a bit by bidding 200k on the Faith shoulderpads. Unfortunately I had to leave and got outbid. Sad, sad times.
    Yea you're right, my mistake, I forgot about that. I did buy them for super cheap, and some other stuff on the regular AH (BOE bows and such).

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrExcelion View Post
    IMO T3 should be just a class token
    IMO they should have never added the BMAH to the game to begin with it...

    Personally I've spent nothing on actual items and maybe 1k on the NPC itself.
    Alternate between T3/5/6 based on how I feel.

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    I spent like 30k on [Blade of Hanna] because it had my name on it and I'm impulsive.

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