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    Felt like making a new thread for this questions would be kind of dumb so figured posting here would be better. What's better for BM- HWF Malkorok bracer or H Siegecrafter bracer?

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    Agility > all

    HCWF > HC

    All the time.

    Should've checked the F.A.Q thread on this forum. ^^

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    Hello there. I recently switched to bm from survi and i've got some questions.
    1. Should I always stack synapse engi buff with bestial wrath? I have hc AoC and i feel like this 20sec wasted on synapse can be dps lose.
    2. If I'm using barrage on aoe encounter but there is only one enemy at the moment, should I kick barrage from my rotation or it is still dps gain?

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    1) Macro Synapse to everything, forcing it on BW is just losing usages.

    2) It's still a DPS "gain", but if another target is coming up in like 7 seconds or so, you can save it.
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    great read - several things for me to note/tweak

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