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    Paladin seal cosmetic

    I've been playing Diablo abit, more specific the crusader and one thing i wish was in wow is a cosmetic dispay under the character that to show which seal you are using, compared to the "Laws" in Diablo for those who know. Me myself never change seal so whats the point of "Glyph of Seal of Blood" when you never see the animation? I think this would make it more of a paladin imo.

    A toggle in the interface for this would be needed aswell since it could cause alot of clutter in towns or you simply see your own.


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    I would love this, one of the coolest aspects of the paladin hero from WC3 was seeing devotion aura glowing underneath him. Since they took away our auras, visible seals would be the next best thing! They already have a small effect when you toggle them, making it permanent would be incredible.

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    Just throw us a minor glyph that does that for either

    1) Seals
    2) Auras

    and everyone'd be happy. Maybe based on specc or something (Ret gets Retribution Aura, Prot gets Devo Aura, Holy gets Concentration Aura) or seperate glyphs like Glyph of Devo Aura, Glyph of Ret. Aura etc. Same with seals, though I think Auras would fit better.

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    I think it would work very well as a cosmetic minor glyph for auras. They've taken away so many iconic things about the Paladin after years of streamlining the classes. I'd like to see this sort of cosmetic thing come back. Glyph of Sense Undead? Yes please!

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    At some point seals and judgement need to be re-evaluated. "seal twisting" isnt all that fun; acts more of a distraction in an encounter and most of the time you just pick one and then ignore the rest.

    Ever since D3 came out, seeing the skills crusader has makes me cry when i look back at my paladin's spellbook in wow (blizzard even joked about this). It might be interesting if blizzard revamped seals/judgement to work akin to how laws are. You pick one for your passive self buff, while judgement triggers a brief aura. If each one was distinct enough (and potent), the whole seal twist might be a decision worth doing for changing circumstances in a fight.

    For example, seal of faith might be a good way to revamp seal of insight. Have the attack/ heal amplification be the default for ret/prot and the spellcasting/ passive healing boost be for holy, then have the passive be some sort of gimmick. Give an aura that passively boosts healing recieved/ absorption bubble for ppl near you/ short duration everyone gets a small amount of lifesteal.
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    A cosmetic glyph for Auras would be cool, I miss the days of watching the aura animation that activates when we change em. But I recall reading in a recent post that Blizzard is trying to tone down spell effects for every class, so maybe a permanent aura pulsing under our feet would never happen.
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