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    [Elemental Shaman] PvP Stat priority and macros

    I've just completed my PVP set, but 2 sites give me both a different Reforge order. One says Haste>Crit>Mastery, the other says Haste>Mastery>Crit. Which of those is it?

    Also, any recommmended macro's?

    Shit, i forgot to mention it. Im playing an Elemental Shaman. Pretty sure i posted this on the Shaman forum too 0_O
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    class might help

    going by your name I'm going to assume you're a lock though and it's haste>mastery>crit as far as I can tell for affliction

    macros? for what kind of pvp?

    useful ones all affli locks run with are:

    soulburn summon

    /cast soulburn
    /cast summon felhunter

    or whatever pet you want

    soulburn soulswap

    /cast soulburn
    /cast [@mouseover,exists][harm] soul swap; soul swap

    casts soul burn and then soul swap on mouseover if you have one and on target if not.

    get used to macroing


    to all of your instant spells so you can break channelled or casted things to cast them when you need to.
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    Sorry, i forgot to mention that part >.< Playing a Elemental Shaman. (I think a mod moved my topic?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dotmore View Post
    Sorry, i forgot to mention that part >.< Playing a Elemental Shaman. (I think a mod moved my topic?)
    Unless the "members who have read this thread" list below gets reset when someone moves it, I should be the first moderator to read this.

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    I don't think there's -much- difference between the two reforge set ups since you'll be reforging haste primarily. The mastery set up is for a bit more consistent burst while the crit set up might better for survivability, but also adds to sustained damage since ele shamans do 250% crit damage/healing instead of 200%.

    As for macros, your standard macros will do.

    /use [@focus][]Hex

    /use [@focus][]Wind Shear

    /use [@arena(1, 2 or 3)]Wind Shear

    /use [@(partner name)]Cleanse Spirit/Healing Surge

    /use Grounding Totem

    Basically add /stopcasting on most of your important, instant cast abilities; grounding, tremor, maybe call of the elements etc..

    Besides these macros, there's nothing to ele shamans. I recommend having party macros like the cleanse spirit/healing surge macro as well as a /stopcasting macro on a seperate bind in case you want to juke your lightning bolt.

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    Awesome, thanks for your tips

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