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    Started while working in customer service at a call center, switched to nursing and got a job at an upper class assisted living home which I worked at through Vanilla to Burning Crusade, went back to school, met my current wife and finished through Wrath, quit during Cataclysm due to it being bad and focused on my career and starting a family. Casually played MoP, quit when child was born, came back and became a LFR hero until 14 months of SoO then quit again.

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    Got married, actually held a few jobs, and moved across half the country since 2007.

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    wow you're rude
    Pretty sure they were being sarcastic. Most of the posts are about having finished school, not dropping out
    My Youtube Channel (latest mythic HFC kill vids: Tyrant Velhari, Fel Lord Zakuun, Shadow-Lord Iskar).
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    In my douche canoe crossing the Delaware.
    Got older, grayer, fatter, stopped having as much sex as I used to. Had a lot of fun from day 1 to now, been worth every minute.
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    If you put a sticker on your car that says "Fuck Twinkies", don't be surprised if a 400 lb man swings at you..
    When somebody proves you wrong, and you're just sitting there thinking about how this is what REKT feels like:
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    Mythbustrrs actually did something on this. The bull actually avoided all the shelves with China so thought... Maybe bears?

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    I was unemployed when WoW released in Europe, so I had bundles of time to play

    2005 - Got a production job in a logistics company.
    2006 - Changed to the position where you fixed anomalies in the process.
    2007 - Worked my way up to coordinator a team of people. Also bought a house.
    2009 - Went into a more administrative job doing reports and data analysis.
    2011 - Rolled into my current job: Database and application development.
    2012 - Started living together with my current girlfriend ... who was my raid leader back in WotLK ...

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    When I started playing WoW, I liked it, now I don't.

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    When i started playing wow i had a solid job, lots of friends and was an active social dude.

    Now i spend 95% of my time alone due to sickness. It started by me crushing my arm in a work accident. 180 kilo over the right arm. when i recovered i had complications. Nerve dmg in the arm. After i couldnt really box anymore i got depressed. It went down from there. I have diabetes and even tho i always been careful not eating candy and shit. My eyes got screwed. i am now aprox 60% blind. I cant read too well. Having issues spending time on a computer. I can do small sessions. Not more than 20-30 min. Ive gained a lot of weight due to medicines and i am now at the point that ive just stopped trying. (not suicidal!!)

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