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    Maybe in 10-15 years.

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    From a development standpoint, WoW 2.0 doesn't make any sense. Blizzard would only cannibalize subs from WoW 1.0, not bring in new players to the game.

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    People are just replying about new models etc being the same as a new game with better graphics and more optional models, it really isn't that though from all i've seen is that it's new facial options, nothing less cartoon like and more realistic than the game already isn't... Thats just about all I want better graphic's, more things to have options with (having a choice to answer to quest givers with when they have tasks for you, more character options), for them to balance all the classes and to make the game so you actually need to put effort in to get somewhere... I'm sure if they were to release a sequel it wouldn't be too hard to recreate the game as the mechanics would be the same/similar etc after saying that I don't think what i'd be asking for in a/the sequel would be too much...

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    There really is no need for a WoW 2, seeing as the current game has so much content they would just be playing catch-up with their own game to reach the same amount. It doesn't make any sense at all. It's more likely to see a whole new MMO not related to Warcraft than it is to see a WoW 2 at this point, however that also seems pretty unlikely.

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    Secretly hoping so..

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    Quote Originally Posted by T4 Explosive Gaming View Post
    What does that post and thread have to do with anything?

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