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    Hello guys.

    I want to talk about livestreaming. WoW livestreaming.

    Nowadays you don't see as many WoW streamers as in the past. We've had names like Reckful, Hydra, Tosan, Ziqo, Klinda etc...
    Those are names you remember being at the top of the twitch WoW streaming community. Nowadays, we have random noname females which raid SoO normal/LFR, dying on the first 5% of the bossfight then proceed to alt tab to go on facebook or talk about stupid shit they experienced the day before. The worst part is, they have 600+ people watching INCLUDING a SUB BUTTON.


    Streaming used to be about the best players broadcasting top tier gaming content involving high end arenas and races to world first PvE kills. Myself being not that interested in PVE I cannot speak for that section as the only PvE streamers I know are Sco and Evrelia. Skilled players who deserve every inch of fame they have. People like Snutz, Venruki, Talbadar, Pikaboo, Trillebårtom, Båten and Zeepeye. They are the best PvP'ers in the world at the moment who stream WoW arena and 80% of them do not peak as many viewers as the random girls who show 60% of the screen as their cleaveage in their tight tops.

    Please explain me the logic where Kaceytron and Blondiewondie who are stuck at bronze 3 in league, 1500 in arena can have more viewers than legends such as Snutz and Båten. Im really intregued how ANY female can start up a stream and hoard massive cash from just showing tits on cam and live off that.

    Its no question that males dominate the ladders in every competetive online game. LoL, Starcraft, Dota and WoW. There are NONE top level female players in any of those games. By top I mean top 5 in the ladders, surely there are a astronomical exeption out there, but there is no doubt that male players are the most skilled. This is because we have better brain capacity and are more talented when it comes to multitasking and teamplay.
    Don't get me wrong, I've played with many girls over the 9 years in WoW. 1 officer in the last PvE guild I was in was by far the most skilled PvE mage I've ever played with, but out of maybe 20, she was the only one who stood out as a skilled player, and thats what live streaming is about. Being GOOD at a game, and showing those skills to the people watching.

    Livestreaming is about teaching others your ways, broadcasting the talent you possess for others to take your knowledge, not buy a webcam and whore yourself out to 14 year old teenagers. Let me provide some examples.

    This is a serious topic btw, I'm actually pissed about this issue.
    It all comes back to basic Humanity 101, Men find women attractive, specially boobs. Women knows this and tries to make the most out of it.
    Dudes are horny bastards and specially people who spend most of their lives infront of computers. (They Think with their dick since they arent sexualy active)

    This "thing" isnt really bound for Wow Streamers its been going on forever everywhere

    Still i cant belive u havent said anything about the Cosplay industry which is basicily about the same thing. Look up Jessica Nigri and tell me what talent is behind her fame.
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    Trust me boys, you seen one pair, you've basically seen them all. Only difference is size and coloring. Don't get me wrong, I dive bomb my fiancés every chance I get, these little girls on the internet however, nothing worth a damn.

    Also, op failed to mention actual streamers who are still around, entertaining us on a daily basis. Towelliee, soda, ducksauce, man, dan, and countless others. The real streamers are still there, you just need to broaden your search.

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    This is literally tumblr: The Thread

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    if those sluts at least showed us their tits :/

    but nooo all we get is some cleaveage, I have nothing against being a slut but if you are one at least have the dignity and do a) porn or b) nude pictures, if you tease me without actually getting naked I'm gonna be pissed.
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    Locked the thread,

    the comments and the thread itself seems to have turned to a more inappropraite discussion.

    - Gehco
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