View Poll Results: If someone gave you 100k gold in-game by accident, what would you do?

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  • Give it back immediately.

    376 35.37%
  • Hesitate for a second but still give back all of it.

    203 19.10%
  • Give back some of it, not all.

    43 4.05%
  • Act as if nothing happened and keep it for yourself.

    441 41.49%
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    If someone gave you 100k gold in-game BY ACCIDENT..

    What would you do?

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    Scarab Lord Viridiancity's Avatar
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    The correct answer is keep it.

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    Super Moderator Darsithis's Avatar
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    Keep it, probably.

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    It'd give me pause but I'd give it back. I don't really need lots of gold for anything.
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    Since I have almost no need to spend gold, and I sit on old AH playing gold, Id trade it back.

    100k gold won't get you far, and my conseus is more worth that.

    ...Then again Ive never scammed anyone inn wow I belive, and Ive had quit a few times I could have walked away with alot off fun.
    One reason for WoW decline I often hear is that its an old game and naturally people get bored with it. But TV is much older and people still watch that. Surely if a thing you once enjoyed keept staying fun, you would still use it?

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    Epic! dacoolist's Avatar
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    Take it from the mail and say.. "What Gold" )

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    Quote Originally Posted by lolstorm View Post
    What would you do?
    I would hesitate and ask if they gave the 100k to me on purpose or on accident. If they say nothing or "no" then I keep it. If they say that it was by accident then I hand it back.

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    You make a mistake, I benefit. Would keep it.

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    Give it back. Pre-RoS D3 taught me my lesson regarding gold :P
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    Nice to see how many lawful-aligned people are around. WTF

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    Depends how. If the name i get it from is "sdfsdfa", which gently gave me stuff for 20k in cataclysm, then i keep it. Otherwise i return it
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    ...I'd repay it, obviously, just as I'd repay instantly if someone put in real life money on my account by accident...I have NO interest in stealing, or hurting others. When I was hot on the ore shuffle, I accidentally mailed 10k gold to an unknown player rather than my alt. I expected it to be lost and was quite upset since back then I worked HARD for my gold, but lo and behold...he sent it back with a letter saying "Guessing you didn't mean to give this to me? ".

    But hey, I'm one of few people who actually take care to treat others like I want to be treated myself, even in virtual reality.

    Gold is easier than ever to make now, there is no excuse for not being able to afford food or flasks and bitch about repair bills at level 100... And yet people do just that.

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    Keep it.

    Survival of the fittest, motherfucker!

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    Got morals, I'd give it back.

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    I'd give it back. Stopped caring about gold after I hit my first million. Have no need for it and I would feel pretty shitty about keeping it if it was an honest mistake.
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    What gold? You must be confusing me with someone else, this class/race mog is popular...

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    100k isnt anything big by todays standards, im sitting at around 500k and im only loging in for raids, stoped farming ages ago since i simply grow bored of it, but obviously keep it unless he'd start spaming/asking me to return it...then probably ignore him ;p

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    Immortal Pendra's Avatar
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    Give it back. I've more than gold cap, and nothing to spend my gold on there's no reason to be a dick about it.

    That said, if it would be someone who behaves like a dick himself towards others frequently (which wouldn't be very difficult to know on my small server), I'd might be tempted to keep it. What goes around, comes around.
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    I would not give it back. They could likely ticket a GM and get that gold back while I would be able to keep it.

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    The amount of pricks in this thread is too damn high.

    I mean imagine the guy, was farming his ass off to get that gold, so he can buy some cool mount or other vanity item..Jeez.

    If you got it from chineese farmer, keep it all.

    Quote Originally Posted by Farabee View Post
    I would not give it back. They could likely ticket a GM and get that gold back while I would be able to keep it.

    He cannot get it back if he ticket a GM.
    I once send around 50k to the wrong char, made a ticket, fortunatly enough GM responded fast, so the other guy havent opened his email, if he claimed the gold from the mail my 50k was as good as gone.

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