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A few things I think rogues need :

- A second trinket (can't stress this enough)
- Hemo not hitting like a wet noodle (10k anyone...zzz)
- Not being so god damn reliant on openers (you better have your A game for the first 20 seconds of arena because if you fucked up, and sometimes no fault of your own, the amount of setup you need to get yourself in a fighting chance again is just draining).
-You get caught in a tricky spot with no trinket, and no feint + recup rolling, you're pretty much toast.
- Your synergy with your team needs to be on point at all times, for it to be successful.

Now despite all this, i love my rogue and I'm not saying they don't do enough damage because their ability to get a hp bar from 100 to 0 is second to none. I still think they are one of the most fun classes to pvp, but you have to seriously, ( i mean it), outplay and outsetup another class or team for your rogue to be successful. There are going to be a lot of new players in WoD, and the ones that decide to pick up the rogue class I feel they will quite frankly be overwhelmed with the skill cap you need to possess in order to play rogue.

You may not all agree with me, but that's okay.
Change is needed.

Change is definitely needed for the new players playing rogues. I have a feeling for the new players when they try out sub for pvp they will get really bored, and switch to a different spec, and the other 2 specs are garbage for pvp. We are one of the least played classes and if they want that to change, we need a (warlock type) overhaul.

Cheers all!