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    Slightly impressive are hysterical. I'd watch them even if I'd never heard of wow.

    DDolan is pretty good, though quite formulaic and lazy. Preach I can listen to but
    he gets annoying after a while.

    Crendor is good when he can be bothered, which is only about half the time.

    Swifty has some talent but is such a massive corporate whore he's unwatchable.
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    Dontain's old WoW stuff is pretty funny, but Bajheera is the only person who I watch that currently plays.
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    (he doesn't really post anymore but) DiablousEU
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    Can't wait to see Thrall's kid and Garrosh's kid in school together -"HAHA MY DAD'S ARMY BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF YOUR DAD'S ARMY"

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    Wowcrendor, Noxxiom Machinma, Griffter and Moonluking, Noble, Jesse Cox&Pride and Danger Dolan(DD)
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    Don't watch people play wow but;

    Nobbel87 for lore / interesting stuff

    Wowcrendor for funny stuff

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    Bajheera, because many of his videos are actually entertaining unlike most other pvp videos these days.

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    Nobbel87 mostly, sometimes Crendor

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    Quote Originally Posted by LS1S13 View Post
    None. Same reason I don't watch Twitch streams, watching someone else play a video game is incredibly boring.
    ^^ QTF

    FatBoss makes/made good and entertaining boss strategies, but I usually only watch them once..

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    Heelvsbabyface (His twitch streams are also good)
    The DD Guides
    Wowmusicable for when I want to hear the collected music from specific zones and the like.
    WCQuests is very relaxing. It's just quests with the ambient sounds and no annoying tracks played in the background. They're also useful if you're stuck on a quest-they've uploaded so many that they can be considered a guide channel as well.
    Does the official World of Warcraft youtube channel count?
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    Nobbel87 here to his lore vids are cool. I some times watch that irish guy's belluler something like that. Of cause preacher if im gonna jump on an alt or something

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    I really like Preach, his thoughts about game direction etc...are always intresting for me to heard. Also i enjoy Nobbel for lore videos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LS1S13 View Post
    None. Same reason I don't watch Twitch streams, watching someone else play a video game is incredibly boring.
    They can be entertaining sometimes and you might actually learn something... but the vast majority aren't.

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    Fatboss, WowCrendor, & Tradechat & BellularGaming

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    May as well list my channel!

    I don't just do WoW videos but have a really cool series that I am doing with my girlfriend called The Adventures of Uzumi and Mim, where we have recorded our entire experience from level 1 to (hopefully soon!) level 90.

    Here's my channel:

    And here's the episode of our first step into Northrend (you can go back and watch more if you want):

    Blade and Soul - Page! - Guides, PVP, Video Series, and more! Check it out! =)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mudballman View Post
    I don't watch them for gameplay, I don't like that either watching someone which is why I don't really watch any PVP youtubers although I did enjoy the bajheera above, I watch because they are really entertaining. Despite reading the patch notes and stuff myself I'll still watch a weekly update on YouTube by people like Fatboss just because they make it interesting and I also like other peoples opinion on stuff.
    You can twist it around, you are watching someone else talk/play about a game you own. :P

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    the fatboss guys are always good for a laugh
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    Big fan of Bajheera, he plays different games as well, has a good personality and will even play with viewers. His montage videos are pretty damn funny at times as well

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    I follow Pypo's channel, just hunter random-bgs(and commentary about random stuff), always making me wanna roll a hunter, it looks so relaxing :P

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    Robbaz, he mentioned WoW once, I guess that counts.

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