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    Most of us on Hydraxis hate "Moon 'tards."
    Quote Originally Posted by nailbomb
    trust me, i would rather live next to an active volcano than reveal my internet history of porn
    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille View Post
    You can add other stuff and still called it a grilled cheese, it's an american thing, but getting butt hurt over it means you have way too much free time and you should be using it to be making more grilled cheese.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valyrian Stormclaw View Post
    Moon Guard is often falsely accused of being a porn server. Fact is the MG is the top RP realm in WoW; he have the highest quality RP. It's just that players from other realms come here after they've finished doing their stuff on their mains start partying in Goldshire.
    It's really easy to clear out the Inn:

    1) Take your warlock to Burning Stepps.

    2) Enslave lvl 50 demon

    3) Kite the demon to Goldshire

    4) Release it in the inn

    If you are lucky, you get one like Hellmondath that has intense AoE and kills EVERYTHING under lvl 10 in 1 shot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barnabos View Post
    I often view Outland EU and Stormscale EU as being full of tryhard elitists thinking they are superior in every way
    It's a fact lol, huge queues for a mediocre server.
    Quote Originally Posted by kbarh View Post
    may i suggest you check out wowwiki or any similar site, it's Grom that orders the murder of Cairne

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dacoz View Post
    I play on Outland (EU) and to be honest, a good part of the players you'll meet there won't be the nicest. (There's many good players as well!)
    I enjoyed Draenor (EU) Alliance side in 2011, lovely players! (Not sure how nice the players there are right now, cause I abandoned Draenor some time ago.)
    I agree with EU Draenor on the Alliance side! It's pretty much dead now though.
    I've come across my fair share of average players from RP servers who have this superiority complex about themselves, mainly Argent Dawn.

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    As a Horde EU player that mainly PvPs (BGs/RBGs)

    Chamber of Aspects - filled with people that really ... can improve... quite a bit
    People from French/Spanish servers arent that good, Italians are better (just a little). <- very generalising here however, I do acknowledge that skillful players do reside on these servers.
    I've played on
    Nagrand - desolate shithole, mainly alliance dominated
    Draenor - big, alright realm, but very few PvPs there, friendly community
    Tarren Mill - PvE progressive, some slight PvP, but a toxic community, I noticed changes from Draenor, whence I came

    These days I play on Kazzak, and I do understand the hatred towards the server. I dont like it either. Despite being marked as a PvP server, it really isnt. Want to find arena/RBG groups in trade/Durotar general? Hah, good luck with that inbetween the anal jokes and the "yell in caps lock" spam. It does make me sad, log in late one night, and queues are just as terrible as Outland, but hey, that server at least has PvP going on. Kazzak? Not so much. For PvP purposes, I don't recommend anyone going here.

    People from Stormscale - I acknowledge this as the PvP server for the more serious. Attitude from players? Not so much different than from Kazzak, really.

    I hate comming up against:
    Aegwynn and черни шрам (Blackscar) - these people know that they're doing Worst nightmare would be an RBG facing against people from these servers. I hate them so so so much. Germans fight with such ferocity, no one can match it.

    I play little ally on Outland too. Somehow I find it scary (not that Ive got geared chars for anything however) as it seems to be a little elitist and hostile in trade ("dont bother whisper if under 2,2k xp" for instance) but again, I can't really see a difference in attitude between them and Kazzak. Might be that Outland is even friendlier and has an active and decent pvp community! :O

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barnabos View Post
    I often view Outland EU and Stormscale EU as being full of tryhard elitists thinking they are superior in every way
    Ugh my realm doesn't get connected to Stormscale all that often but the amount of dickshits I see from Outland are just...mind boggling, I'd never judge a realm as a whole, where there are masses of people, good ones will exist, but their scumbags are just so loud and downright obnoxious!

    I almost wish I could blacklist them... For every polite, well playing, person from Outland there seems to be 3 wankers ruining their reputation.
    Quote Originally Posted by savutitus View Post

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    US Mal'Ganis is in a league of its own, when it comes to bad reputation.
    "The pen is mightier than the sword.. and considerably easier to write with."

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    As someone from a rp realm I used to get jokes like ''lol look ,<name> is from a rp server, are you gonna rp with mobs now?" when the dungeon finder was introduced but those jokes kinda stopped in a few months. When I talk to friends about other servers, we generally agree that people from Spanish, Italian and French realms are the worst to find in your dungeon/lfr group because most of the time they don't understand even the very basics of English language.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CodyHoops View Post
    If so, which realm(s)?
    To be honest, I probably may be guilty of this. However I do not spread my hatred on others... I have my reason why I dislike that one realm.

    Which realm is it? Well, Drak'thul EU. I hate this realm for being populated by Czechs and Slovaks. Me being from Slovakia, we have very similar languages with Czechs. So we understand each other very well... We even used to be one country. Now, I hate this realm for this reason. People speaking the same language can sometimes act like a real idiots when they have no barrier in doing so. It is different to guilds formed by players from same country where you at least feel some kind of kinship in a bigger world.

    It also caused me a different problem. I like RP and when everybody speak Czech or Slovak it isn't very immersive to me. Since most of my friends stopped playing I started playing on Defias Brotherhood EU, and I love it here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Snaige View Post
    When I talk to friends about other servers, we generally agree that people from Spanish, Italian and French realms are the worst to find in your dungeon/lfr group because most of the time they don't understand even the very basics of English language.
    I think it's probably also true that most people don't know the very basics of Spanish/Italian/French either; not to mention languages like Russian. Why Blizzard thought it'd be a good idea to put French/English/Russian/etc realms in the same battlegroups, is quite beyond me.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Zrudo View Post
    Since most of my friends stopped playing I started playing on Defias Brotherhood EU, and I love it here.
    Good choice. One of the best EU realms in general if you ask me, both in terms of PvE/PvP guilds and other factors.
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    Azuremyst EU is one of the worst realms in the region. Only bads and trolls playing there.

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    Could be worse, you could be from Moon Guard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cylom View Post
    Crushridge, when I was back at Deathwing
    Oh god, whenever you would see this server it's a gg

    Full of Spanish people who have no idea what to do, or how to speak English
    the pot calling the kettle black...

    Quote Originally Posted by Diesta View Post
    They were italians, not spanish (crushridge)

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    Apparently there are/were a lot of people from Mal'Ganis that like to be asshats in PUGs because they've been mentioned often and I share the sentiment.

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    I wish I could put servers on ignore, I'd happily take longer queues to get rid of Kazzak and Stormscale from EU.

    They are just.. they're like League of Legends players in WoW.
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    Huh, seems like Kazzak is a big no-no.

    Big thanks to Shyama for the sig <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eanes View Post
    For me, when I play Horde - people from Tichondrius really seem to be annoying. If I run into people from that realm in random BGs, it's just a complain-fest. Not everyone from that realm act like that, but a great deal of the PvPers who watch streamers ruined that realm for me.

    And for Alliance - Kel'Thuzad. For a similar reason as Tichondrius, but they all have huge egos, imo.
    Not all of us on KT are like that but a few are. I Q'd up a random BG for my daily and was put in one that had a 5-man KT pre-made and they were all asshats hell someone whisp me and told me I should control my buddies and he's reporting us all. I was like umm I'm not with them and I haven't said a word in BG chat.

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    The only server that I see gets a lot of hate is Darkspear which I can see why.

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