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    Giant t-rex skimirror costume

    I recently brought invited a friend to group from another server, and much to my surprise when he came over he had this costume (he stole from someone else on his server which I intern did as well with my sky mirror) of this freaking GARGANTUAN white trex.....he was almost twice the size of a person with that compass toy that turns you into the bull pirate with an elixir of giant growth on a mammoth (how i usually like to derp around and mess with ppl lol). Just wondering if anyone knows specifically how to set it up, if it's a glitch or something, to turn into that GARGANTUAN t-rex?


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    Something with mages, then Ai-Li's Skymirror
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    I think there's a T-rex you can pickpocket, and get its appearance with a rogue...
    At least, last time I found a rogue morphed into a T-rex, so I used Skymirror, and joined a BG. Ahahah.

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    Well, this explains why there are four giant dinosaurs lumbering around Shrine of Two Moons the other week.
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