View Poll Results: Do you like Azeroth Choppers so far?

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  • Yes, it's really cool!

    58 15.30%
  • Yes, it's not as bad as I expected.

    91 24.01%
  • No, it's bad.

    71 18.73%
  • No, it's a complete waste of time.

    159 41.95%
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    "It's not as bad as I expected".

    I mean, it's bad. I'm enjoying the sheer corniness of it (it's intentional, right?). But I'm reliably watching it so... There's something.
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    lol this is so silly xD

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    I'm still wondering... WHY Blizzard?!

    But I love the show and the drama. Too bad indeed that the episodes are so short, but there will be 6 episodes in total right? And every episode lasts about 7-10 mins and normally an episode of OCC takes 45 minutes, so in that way it makes sense to me.

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    I watched "American Chopper" when it aired. After watching that for a few seasons, my tolerance for that kind of show is non-existent.

    Being that Paul Sr. wasn't involved, I thought that perhaps the Jr. show would be different. However, once Blizzard unexpectedly reduced the deadline by 50% and Jr. didn't immediately tell them to go frak themselves but instead made a comment about "how impossible this is, but we'll try."...I just stopped the video.

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