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    nagrand, makers rise in sholozar basin. hinterlands

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    Azshara before the revamp. Now there's goblin crap over there and I hate it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adp View Post
    Azshara before the revamp. Now there's goblin crap over there and I hate it.
    pretty sure they were gonna put a pvp instance in there but they changed their minds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orangetai420 View Post
    I'm gunna second Ungoro, I love me some dinos.
    I agree too. There's loads of potential for that place!

    Heck, add Sholazar Basin as well.

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    .The Hinterlands
    .Arathi Highlands-If set during Cataclysm it could involve Dwarves and Worgen fighting against the Forsaken. Blizzard should do one in the future with those 2 Alliance races, Humans and Gnomes retaking Stromgarde.
    .I'd also like to see a proper naval battle-type dungeon. Like an extended Battle on the High Seas.
    .Maybe an underground dungeon connecting from Felwood to Ashenvale.
    .If there is a future Queen Azshara/South Seas expansion, I'd love to see a dinosaur and another pirate dungeon.
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    ,Every zone should have atleast one instance imo

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    Hey - I just thought: wouldn't it have been cool (and perfect) to have redesigned Gnomeregan into a raid when Cata launched? Could've been rid of that horrible dungeon and actually made it fun, and given it the kind of scale and the plot-line closure it deserves.
    Blizz could've come up with some convenient plot contrivance for why the Horde could be involved too, and if worst came to worst, have them disguised as Alliance for the duration of the raid (like they've already implemented several times before in other specific instances, since WotLK).
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    Abyssal Depths plz.
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