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    For one thing, Blizzard DID in fact learn from Ultima Online, some players just don't want to deal with it.

    While, I don't care about World PvP, it WAS disruptive to the overall enjoyment of the player base. I had GREAT times in Southshore with my Rogue. What made it great was the organic nature of the battle. Much like old AV it flowed like a river, back, forth and again.

    Though, you honestly can't disrupt the other players not wanting to participate.

    I know for a fact in UO, I made several players QUIT the game. Hiding outside their houses, predating. I would kill them steal, their house keys, and rob them. Sometimes OVER and OVER again.

    While, I just use that instance as a base, while it wasn't as extreme in WoW. The problem is people would have enough problems with OWPvP to complain to GMs. GMs having to deal with problems they can't fix, then delays fixing real problems. Which inconveniences everyone else. Then you have people fed up enough to actually quit because they can't progress.

    So the answer is Blizzard killed OWPvP, on purpose, for good reason.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gestapo View Post
    I like this post. Glad to hear it, and hope to see more like this and more wpvp in WoD.
    By all means come find us on Sylvanas EU when that time comes

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    flying mounts and too much interaction with menus instead of the world.
    Blue text indicates sarcasm

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    competetive arena did, there are no rewards in world pvp..

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    I personally think that flying in the world really killed World PvP. Everyone flys around and no one really sees anyone. Also, i feel that PVE gear has killed it partially because PvE geared players seem to hit a lot harder and heal a lot more than PvP players can. Hopefully, it will be fixed in WOD.

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    No. Flying wasn't the sole contributor to the decline of WPVP. Many good points were brought up, including some of the stuff I mentioned in my first post:

    - Introduction of Battlegrounds (and later Arena). I'm not bashing these because I really enjoy bg/arena, but the sandbox pvp system did cause world pvp to take a massive hit because before that it was the only form of pvp we had. Obviously.

    - Enabling players to queue for battlegrounds from anywhere. Previously one would have to actually go to the location to queue. While being able to queue from anywhere was a major convenience it did affect world pvp. Great battles were had when one faction stormed the others' queue portal - especially the AV queues. I think Tarren Mill - Southshore pvp was still somewhat active then as well.

    - Enabling players to queue for dungeons from anywhere. Same as above.

    - Flying mounts. Yes, it did affect world pvp, but at the same time I want to make the argument that it probably enabled it in some places as well. When the world defense channel lights up - or people call in guildies/friends flying makes it easier/quicker to get there to defend a place/person from the enemy.

    - The world becoming bigger. Yes, as expansions are added players are more spread out through content. The world was big, but there were only so many places people would be in during vanilla/bc. Even more so after it peaked and then dropped it's number of subscriptions.

    Arguably I'd say the BG's dealt the biggest blow. You could now get gear & pvp action through instanced combat instead of out in the world.

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    Cross realms.

    Realm transfer.

    Flying mounts.

    Faction change.

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    The only time WPVP was alive and doing really great was before any BG were introduced.
    Once they were, little skirmishes used to happen from time to time but nothing comparable.

    I used to raid astranaar when i was lvl 30 with 2-3 raids full of lvl20-50. Good old times when I had not a single clue about this game

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    Nothing ppl get pissed of to be ganked and they now join to BG/Arena if they want to pvp

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    I don't know why you guys think World PvP is dead. Everyone who wants to find it will find it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dnusha View Post
    I don't know why you guys think World PvP is dead. Everyone who wants to find it will find it.
    5v1 ganks on TI or solo mode survivor mode kills are far from being World PvP at it's finest really.

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