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    Quote Originally Posted by Khorm View Post
    Once people have defeated the fight using strategies such as those it would give them an unfair advantage to then nerf it for people coming behind them. That's why they don't change it.
    100% not true. They nerfed rogues being able to do every one. and that was the strat for the top 20~ kills.

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    Best example of Blizz ignoring something is Firelands Rag triforce strat that they didn't change but said it was a bug.

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    Quote Originally Posted by T Man View Post
    100% not true. They nerfed rogues being able to do every one. and that was the strat for the top 20~ kills.
    Method didn't use any 100% belt exploits

    Quote Originally Posted by Azortharion
    Why don't you just glyph distracting shot the boss?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anzen View Post
    I tried this last night on my hunter, managed to land on the belt 2/6 times :'( harder than it looks. If you don't angle yourself properly, you won't gain enough height disengaging and will hit the side of the belt and fall to your death.
    You need glyphed Disengage (which you should use 100% of the time anyways) and you have to jump (which you should do 100% of the time anyways when disengaging).

    Quote Originally Posted by Tharkkun View Post
    Oh I'm sorry you jump off the belt? Try staying on the belt and disengaging as the leash hits maintaining your position on the belt the whole fight. I must be the only person doing it the hard way.
    There's zero reason to do it this way. The timing required is so precise that there's no way to make it consistent, even with practice.

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    It wasn't fixed with the other's I'm guessing because they can't easily. There is probably a reason they can't simply put up a wall in the way, as that might interfere with how the mechanic to get onto the belt works or how the belt pulls someone off. If they couldn't get it done right away with the other fixes, too much time passes and TOO many groups would be impacted.

    If they should have left everyone's exploits in, that's another story. I think they at least wanted to make the earlier progression groups in 25's have to deal with the missile, missile combo late in the fight, which might have been avoided with a constant belt team.

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