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    What is your favorite gear tier?

    Sorry if this is not the place. But what is everyone's favorite gear tier? For me it's Warrior T3. I wish the recolor would be green or red instead of yellow/orange'ish in the WOTLK version

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    Warlock T8, mage T5, and paladin T3 are my favourites.

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    Mage/Paladin t3 are sick
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    I don't really have a favorite. I've worn everything since 9 on my main but none are strict favorites of mine.

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    For my priest it is Tier 6. Sadly, you get to see it so many times that it becomes way too common. But just imagine if they re do it for WoD.... I just hope they do, with those new textures

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    Hunter tier 4 (tier 5 looked good on NE females, but too big on me)
    Paladin tier 4 (paladin tier 5 recolor is pretty awesome though)
    I like the mage tier 5 pvp recolor
    Priest Tier 5 and Tier 6 (both normal and recolor)

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    - T10 ICC HC red
    Sanctified Frost Witch's Regalia

    - T12 FL HC red
    Volcanic Regalia

    - T13 DS HC
    Spiritwalker's Battlegear

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    Ulduar Priest tier .... (Can't remember which tier it was)

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    -T2 Molten Core/Blackwing Lair
    Judgement Set

    -T12 Heroic FL
    Immolation Set


    -T13 Heroic DS
    Colossal Dragonplate

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    DK - Tier 11 Heroic - Magma Plated Battlearmor

    Rogue - Tier 5 - Deathmantle

    Warlock - Tier 5 - Corruptor Raiment

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    Overall, Priest T3 (Faith) and Warlock T14 (Sha-Skin).

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    I really like T2 and T6 for pretty much all classes. T12 was great for paladin.

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    Priest T6 & T9
    Warrior T6
    Hunter T4

    But T6 is one of the best tiers for any class.
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    T2, T6 and T12 are all really good in my opinion. That goes for pretty much all classes.

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    Dragon soul warrior, priest, hunter, shaman are all some of my favorite gear sets in the game.

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    wow no one is saying druid lol I know most druid sets suck but heres mine druid T1, T11 nothing else

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    Priest Tier 3. Spent a good amount of gold buying it off the BMAH.
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    Ulduar had a lot of glorious sets, especially priest and hunter, but if I have to pick one tier, it'd be t6 hands down. The warrior, priest, mage, lock sets are by far the most iconic sets for those classes, in my opinion at least.
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    Warrior Tier 6, 10 (Piggies!) and the Firelands set whatever tier that was. Actually almost all of the warrior sets looked amazing minus Purple Shark Can Opener (Wrath), the Ulduar set (Hated most of the Ulduar stuff.) and the first two MoP warrior tiers. The SoO warrior tier is "okay" minus the arc reactor bondage belt.

    Also really liked the priest Dragon Soul set.

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