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    Quote Originally Posted by Galaddriel View Post
    Working as intended. Keeps you paying that sub fee for another week.
    Yup. Skinner box in action. One of the reasons why i get mindfucks when people say that they don't like the elements of the game that try to disguise this huge skinnerbox known as a MMORPG and make it look like it's something different. "I only care about endgame, everything else sucks!!!" So you only care about the skinnerbox then. Christ.
    Ends with everyone forgetting Grom was a badguy and not even bringing up his crimes as he cheers with the alliance and horde forces that we are all finally free. Yrell tells Khadgar if he ever needs help to come talk to them, after which he turns into a raven in a hommage to Medivh and flies off, and then she quotes her love's famous "We are all one in the light." line while standing next to the guy who ordered his death and murdered her sister. Cue ewok singing and dancing-Anonymous

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    I have done 3 parts of flex on my shaman and not loot a single piece, and then i go to the timeless isle and get 2P T16 and 2x warforged from ordos on my rogue.
    RNG can be a bitch, but it can be a blessing.

    Like once a long time ago i needed T2 shoulders, but there was 1 mage with more dkp who would get them if they dropped.
    Chrom dropped 2 that day so RNG was on my side that day.

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    Meh, I've coined tier gloves 3x times on Celestials since 5.4. I'm still running with LFR tier pants. #WelcomeToTheClubBro

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hikashuri View Post
    There's enough ways to get gear. Takes you about 20min to get fully decked in 496 (excluding the weapon). That's timeless isle only.

    Then you have the options to buy 553 gear (which is cheap), and the 522 gear (which is expensive atm). You have the DM trinkets.

    On top of that you have all the reduced cost gear at vendors for either justice or valor (you can buy 489/496 for justice).

    I think there's sufficient ways to gear you character up in basic gear, which is all you need to get started.
    You can't expect the devs to give you loot even easier than it is now, because then they might aswell start selling it for €.
    Even though we are talking LOWER then current gear , reread my post.
    When ToT was current you could by CURRENT gear with VP (522 in raid, 522 from vendor).

    My complain is that in WoD you WON'T have these options..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valyrian Stormclaw View Post
    Seriously? I spent four hours today raiding SoO flex, and out of the 12 bosses, not one of them gave me a piece of gear. That's right, all bosses, with bonus rolls, all I got for it was gold.

    Did they increase the amount of coins you can keep? I thought you could only hold 10? I guess if you timed it correctly you could have 13 if you held on to 10 then turned in the quest and got an additional 3 after you finished a wing...

    Anyhow..That is terrible luck, I've only gone 4 bonus rolls with gold since the "new" system.

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    Dont you love personal loot?

    I just love when I get nothing and others get duplicate after duplicate or non-upgrades!

    I cant wait until other loot rules can be used for Flex next expansion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valyrian Stormclaw View Post
    Seriously? I spent four hours today raiding SoO flex, and out of the 12 bosses, not one of them gave me a piece of gear. That's right, all bosses, with bonus rolls, all I got for it was gold.
    For seven weeks in a row I've gotten loot off heroic Sha.

    The chest piece.

    Seven of them.

    No heroic sword. Oooh, no. But I got chests out my ass.

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    I feel your pain man, my guild just recently started on HC progression and while the rest of the raid is on 570+, I'm still stuck on 564 due to really bad luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Pebbleton View Post
    Remember that, for every time you double roll and get nothing, somewhere in the world there's a guy getting double heroic warforged loot off Garrosh.
    In less than 4 hours.

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    There has to be a better way to build a loot distribution system than pure RNG. Wife and I played all week on multiple characters this week and virtually nothing dropped. No duplicate items we already have, no unwanted items, just nothing. Made us think there was a stealth nerf to the drop rate.

    How about you kill a raid boss you get a "boss coin". Spend your boss coins on the loot you want!

    Everybody I know who still plays is frustrated as hell at the random drops. Trying to complete a set or get a specific item you dearly want is an exercise in frustration and misery. Hardly the emotions you would like to be experiencing when you play a game.

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