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    Elixir of Ancient knowledge...

    Does it exist?

    70+ kills nothing

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    I've gotten two of them, one from Archy on the isle, and another from Krol the Blade in the Dread Wastes. Arch has a 2% drop rate, according to WoWhead, while Krol has 10%.
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    70+ kills is really bad, I tend to get it at least every 10 kills, well I mean this is on Krol.

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    I think the longest Krol kill streak I went on before I got one to drop was 32. I have three(I think) sitting around at the moment, really haven't found a toon I feel like leveling again. Perhaps I'll farm a few more and then RaF two more toons with full heirlooms plus RaF bonus plus Elixir, and then I'll just spam run them though dungeons with a 90.

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    if you're farming on TI make sure you're camping the correct mob. if I remember right there's two versions of the mob, one rare and one summoned, with the same name but different loot tables
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    Used 1 for my mage 80-85 in 20 minutes carried by 4 geared dps plow. Running out the instance is pain in ass as long u take the shortcut. Just 5 runs then ur good to go. DO NOT DIE I REPEAT DO NOT DIE!! Yah it took me a while to get this item from arch of flame... >.>
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    I'm farming him as we speak.

    I've killed around 300 throughout the expansion.

    Got around 20, longest streak is probably around 35.

    Never seen it from Arch on Timeless Isle.

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    it sure does

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    i like it brah

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    i've gotten about 12 of them, i used to camp it back when i was leveling an alt up.

    It's worth it. so fun xp FLYs in

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    wowsers 70!? I think i got my first on like my 10th+ kill? Second and third came quick after that, and i havnt tried since. This is on Krol, not the TI rare. Sometimes i feel like i get decent on RNG on random stuff like this, then lady luck screws me over on the things im really looking forward too.

    Best of luck farming!

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    At that rate the time you save by using the elixir does not even make up the time you have wasted camping/killing the mob dropping it. So cute!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nelle View Post
    At that rate the time you save by using the elixir does not even make up the time you have wasted camping/killing the mob dropping it. So cute!
    Some people would rather stick rusty nails into there eyeballs than to do Outlands and Northrend again LOL

    I did farm this item by sticking a alt on where the mob spawns and lucky for me that alt was on a dead server cause i planned to get the item to give to another alt that was on a server i rerolled.

    When i roll alts now i do it a little bit at a time and only do them when i get rested XP and this item really is a god send

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    Stealth nerfed after level 90 boosts were available
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    Just buy another copy of the game + MOP for 3 months of Elixir. aka RaF. Plus there's another cool RAF mount coming.

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