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    A new world raid boss would be cool. Maybe even world raid bosses spread throughout the zones of all expansions. A giant Magnataur in Dragonblight or something, just for fun, or a super Fel Reaver in Hellfire for level 90 raids.

    An 8th Sha, however, is impossible. There were only 7 heads of Y'shaarj, and there was a corresponding Sha for each head. That is only further solidified by the 7 Burdens of Shao-hao. And then, on top of that, the Sha are defeated along with Y'shaarj's heart (as far as we know), meaning that even the established Sha cannot manifest any more.

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    This expansion was terrible. Let's not exacerbate the problem.

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    And for how long would it stay interesting?

    Seriously, once an expansion is over, it is over. There's a dead period with no new content, and guess are not FORCED to keep playing if it's so incredibly unbearable to you that you'd need them spending time making small additions.

    I prefer they spend all their energy and resources into making WoD happen rather than trying to put band aid fixes out there for people too bored to play but not clever enough to unsub and do something else with their time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WarlordsofDraenor View Post
    This expansion was terrible. Let's not exacerbate the problem.
    In your opinion.

    I say this expansion was awesome.
    Why people want Classic back; In Classic, you'd be considered a winner and a "hardcore" simply by reaching max level, having a few pieces epic gear and being able to stand the horrible logistics demands.
    Today, you need actual gameplay skills to get somewhere worth mentioning. So much class theorycrafting, awareness of both your class mechanics as well as those of other players/hardest tuned bosses aimed at only 1% downing them whilst they're current.

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    Sha of greed isn't that called the blizzard in game shop....Ba da tsssss
    "We don't need Blizz to nerf the content. We need it to be less terrible." - Totalbiscuit

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    Never heard of the Sha of Greed.
    Never liked the Sha to begin with, but I liked them more than the Mantid.

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    I love it. A lootbag filled with any of the other world drop mounts and raid pets/mounts. A perfect way to also waste MoP currencies before they're not needed any more.

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    Should only be available to those who pre-ordered, since they have been victims of the Sha of Greed itself!

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    The game doesn't need more gold imo.

    But I think a Ruby Sanctum type instance could be a good idea.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hotmess View Post
    Since we have no idea when WoD is coming out --and beta is STILL unknown-- I think we need to have something added to help keep interest in the game.
    No we don't. We just need them to deliver on their promise of "No more ICC/DS incidents". Currently, they are failing on that, but if we get a 5.4.9, we won't see WoD until 2015.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rorcanna View Post
    In your opinion.

    I say this expansion was awesome.
    Agreed, for the most part.

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