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Why do you make it too easy for me?

I can't separate beauty from attraction... because they are a part of each other.

Beauty: "Combination of qualities... that pleases the aesthetic sense"
Attraction: "The action or power of evoking interest, pleasure"

If you find something beautiful, you are attracted to it... These are just words, they work like math: things add up, if they don't add up correctly something wrong with the initial conditions.

You seem to be presenting your own self-defined connotation to "attraction" that is not present to the literal meaning of the word. Please refrain from using such personal connotations.

"perhaps to you attraction is" --- this, just no. Words are impersonal, and need to stay this way so to not have this exact problem.
"Simple Question:"

Well I guess simple question is code for let's delve into a in depth scientific and philosophical discussion on how humans perceive beauty and attraction in a digital world and the ability to separate reality from perception.

I guess.