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    Holy paladin and Disc priest on Garrosh - how do they synergize?

    How well does holy pala and disc priest synergsize for 10-man Garrosh? I know that having 2 discs healing on Garrosh is bit of touch'n'go due to lack of that much throughput and shields go only "so far". I've killed it with 2 discs, but it was really close for raid wiping cause we stayed too low for too long. Even when the shields are coordinated it is still tough to make sure that you are spot on in getting it up.

    So was wondering how well does holy paladin and priest work together from someone's experience? Will paladin bring enough healing to cover when needed throughput vise? (Both players are good healers and know their stuff).

    We'll probably get 1 emp whirl in phase 2 and 2 realms (for side info, if it matters).
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    the healing requirements for the fight are somewhere between 1.2 and 1.5 healers. meaning you want to bring as many dps healers as possible. ideal is probably disc and monk, just because dps is useful and healing output should be no problem with 2 healers.

    that being said if you have 2 healers, it hardly matters. I would guess for 10 men disc and druid are best, simply because that's the best healing classes. paladin works very well on that fight too though. the heavy raid healing happens during whirls and mostly everyone is stacked up, which is the perfect scenario for a paladin. you'll still need some sort of raid CD for each whirl, but disc/anything is a good setup for the fight and paladin works just fine.

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    The CDs for whirls is what kinda makes me worried, as I know that in a bad case disc cannot get the Spirit Shell (orwhatnotiscalled) up in time for the Whirl, which is somewhat bad. Although dps shaman's HTT, 2x banner+cry if things go really bad are of help here.
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    Disc Priest is THE best healer for Garrosh. Its not true that Priests dont have enough output... if you are dying due to AE-DMG tell your priest to stop mindlessly spam Smite and use your other Healing-Skills too. The fight is easily healable by a single Disc Priest, with 2 Priests its a joke because you have Spirit Shell or Barrier for every Weapon, Impact or Whirl.

    When 1-Healing it you should drop the Desecrated Weapons outside the raid (have 3 people stand outside of meleerange and everybody else in Melee). In P2 you can Spirit Shell 1st and 3rd Whirl, Barrier für 2nd. Use PoM and Divine Star to heal up the raid. For Emp Whirls use Spirit Shell BEFORE spreading out and its no problem. If you get 2 Emp Whirls use Rallying Cry, Aura Mastery or whatever Raid-CD you have. In intermissions let Hybrids use their Healing CDs.

    Paladin+Priest is "okay" (in the end 1 Priest is enough so the Paladin doesn't really have much to do)... Paladin is one of the worst healers simply because he cant really do DPS, for healing he is decent because he has a healing CD for every Whirl or Weapon but you dont really need it.

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    We got our first kill with disc+holy pala combo. Didn't have any issues, the holy pala uses cd's during intermissions and carries the healing there really, I only had to PoH once or twice there, and you should be able to shell prior to the majority of whirls and simply cover the others with some raid cd's. For the most part the priest just smites while the pala heals the raid/tanks up.

    Btw, even if you don't manage to get a shell up for a whirl, it shouldn't matter because I imagine you'd be moving the boss away each time form the group and not using the stacked up tactic (which works much better with a resto shaman)
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    It should not be an issue at all.

    Disc might be a little bit weak in the transition, but for the whirls, they should ALWAYS have time to set up a spirit shell even if they get MC'd x3 (the trickiest one is probably the first MC but you should still be able to get 4 PoHs off if they break you out fast enough). Having a full spirit shell (or at least 2 PoH on each group) + PoM before the whirl + a 2nd PoM during whirl + AA DS should pretty much allow any discipline priest to easily deal with whirls with the holy paladin not having to do much.

    edit - you can also go halo as well. Halo does line itself up for every whirlwind + is amazing for damage in TotJ transition, but divine star is pretty nice as well. The one problem for halo is that if you do the stack strategy you will have to spend the ~2 seconds running out before each whirlwind, which might mean no full spirit shell etc.
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    Heres a different way of looking at it.

    If the people aren't bad then the healing hardly matters in an EWC. The damage you take isn't much more than your health pool (if at all). Don't get hit by the poop swirls and pop a defensive and theres no panic to top people off. H palas I find lack a bit of burst when people are spread but for both H palas and discs the work is in the preparation (SS / EF HoT's and so on)

    Basically any 2 healers that know their stuff should cruise it. Especially when you have 2 shamans there to help with AG / HTT and so on.

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    Holy paladin is quite crap for garrosh. But not so much that it matters. As long as you have 2 healers then any classes will work for him, it all depends on how good they are and not the classes.

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    Me thinks that many people havent seen or played a holy paladin on 10 man garrosh. We bring more than enough throughput, can lock down a group of adds by ourselves in the first intermission (two if youre a BE). Have CDs up for anything important. Can taunt adds out when people cant control them during empowered whirling (and "tank" them better than any class). I mean, generally all the priest is going to be doing is smiting while the Paladin heals everything.

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    Our first H Garrosh kill was with a Disc priest and HPally back in December so it's definitely doable.

    I can't really remember our CD rotation but I'm pretty sure our paladin just bubbled on one of the whirlings to stand there and do maximum healing output with a CD from a DPS. They were both BEs which definitely helped with Phase one transition using both Arcane torrents for interrupts. I actually have our videos from the kill which were recorded from both healers.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gI2L0SP8gc - Disc priest
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbVhGjwF7eI - Hpally

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    I couldnt figure out if you mean hc or normal. But disc has enough output for garrosh easily, skillstar is very op on garrosh. The only time garrosh is hard to heal on normal is if tanks are mana soakers. If tanking is decent there is very little to heal outside periods you have timers for. And holy pala or disc has enough output for those solo, it really only depends how much dmg tanks take if you can solo heal or need 2 healers.

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    I always had a Restoration Druid, and Holy Priest and we did fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Squirl View Post
    Every healing class/spec has solo healed 10H Garrosh already. Only priests did it undergeared as far as I know, though.
    Link me the paladin one

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    Did a quick youtube search and only found this video and that's with a prot paladin = kind of cheating

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    Quote Originally Posted by meteo View Post
    Did a quick youtube search and only found this video and that's with a prot paladin = kind of cheating
    Most progression solo kills involve having a "cheating" second tank-healer.

    Like a blood dk or a prot pally.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Henriksson View Post
    Link me the paladin one
    Here is one for a paladin. He had a balance druid / feral druid with him. There are a few other logs of paladins doing it as well.


    But I am pretty sure I have never seen a mistweaver solo it as of today.

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    Prot pala, Brewmaster, 2x Ele shamans, 1 boomkin. That was quite a lot of help and I wouldn't want to pass it off as 1-healing, even do technically it is!
    Even so, I never thought anyone would try 1-healing Garrosh hc with a hpaladin. So weak compared to any of the rest for that job.

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    We've solohealed it with a holy paladin twice now, definitely doable, but as Henriksson said, they are pretty weak for solohealing Garrosh hc compared to disc and rdruid (The 2 other speccs we have had solohealing it)

    The problem paladins have mainly is that they are pretty weak on the move, which becomes an issue with the empowered whirling corruptions. We got around that by bringing a pretty good setup in terms of external CD's. 2 ele shamans, 1 prot pally, and 1 balance druid and 1 blood DK adds quite a bit of CD's you can use.

    I think we used Devo+2xAG+Balance druid rejuv for the 1st EWC, for the 2nd he used bubble and his Devo to get trough it. For malice we simply had him staying outside it, so he could stand still and cast. You can make holy paladins work for the fight.
    But honestly, unless you have a lot of externals to throw his way, or just don't have any other option but to use a holy paladin to soloheal, use something else.

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    Thanks very much for discussion. Speaking of normal Garrosh (yes, yes, you can ROFL on the floor if you wish) done with PUGs ^^ who don't over gear the place.

    Maybe I'll give it a shot with 1-healer next time, if the disc feels comfortable. All that I have been told by both of the priests healers who I've talked with and who have healed for me is, that only "issue" is getting Spirit Shell up once they constantly get MCd or people getting too far away for whatever reason. On a side note, both of the discs use their full toolkit and smite spam minimally. And as most of the times I have someone along with external CD like a warrior or shaman, then it something to consider.
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