View Poll Results: Favourite boss fight of MoP?

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  • Spirit Kings

    15 3.65%
  • Will of the Emperor

    20 4.87%
  • Empress Shek'zeer

    5 1.22%
  • Sha of Fear

    18 4.38%
  • Durumu

    31 7.54%
  • Dark Animus

    20 4.87%
  • Lei Shen

    145 35.28%
  • Ra-den

    9 2.19%
  • Siegecrafter Blackfuse

    96 23.36%
  • Paragons of the Klaxxi

    14 3.41%
  • Garrosh Hellscream

    38 9.25%
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    Heroic Blackfuse Belt Team! Love it!

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    Empress Shek'zeer
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    If I had to pick one, I think it'd have to be Lei Shen. However, both Elegon and Heroic Sha of Pride were fun fights all around and great to progress through

    Honorable Mention goes to LFR Durumu, because it gives me a good chuckle every week

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    Durumu, cause I still enjoy watching people die to the disintegration phase.

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    I liked Dark Animus; first attempts trying to clear the trash without knowing the differences of the adds was great to figure out

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    Lei-Shen 100%

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    I have not raided throne of thunder on normal, so my favorite has to be siegecrafter. I really love the controlled chaos that is going on!

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    TOT snails FTW

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    Will - Purely because of the dancing mechanic. Was nice to actually have something like that and get a DPS boost for doing it right. If you fucked up you had a debuff. Great idea needs more of imo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurgath View Post
    Heroic Blackfuse Belt Team! Love it!
    ARE YOU NUTS? I can understand the boss seems fun in the main platform, lot of stuff happening and so, but belt duty is fucking boring (I hate this boss because belt), you have to do the same all fight and don't even know what is really happening with the boss and the rest of your raid

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    Ra-den. very fun

    same with lei shen and Siegecrafter Blackfuse, lots going on in there and its a bit different every phase.

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    The most boring is Galakras. ZZZZZZZ

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    I believe the ji-kun fight is best. tywp

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    Elegon from the first tier, Animus or Lei Shen from Throne and probably Galakras, Dark Shaman or Thok from Siege.
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    Durumu, cuz beholders rock!

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