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    Would depend on the circumstance. If it's due to bad luck on drops then whatever.

    If it's due to a loot council style system and they keep giving the same people side grades when it's full upgrades for me then I am all set with sticking around. Unless it's with a group of overall people I really like. Then I speak up about it. It happened to me in WotLK in ICC. Joined a RL friends guild to raid, I wasn't as high ilvl as everyone else so I Was being boosted. We got to sindragosa and kept wiping and some one called me out for such shit dps. I simply replied that I can't keep up with anyone when all pure upgrades for me keep going to other people as side grades. After that I started getting more gear and then started topping the meters. That guild still talks about me being a "legendary" mage in that guild. The only person who beat me on bosses was a really good rogue who still outgeared my by about five ilvls and it would be really close, then we'd have a drop-off for third and beyond. Needless to say that person apologized for calling me out after he saw what I could do with good gear.

    So yea, the whole thing would be situational based on the raid group I'm with. My issue is I always tend to end up getting sick of the people I end up raiding with except that one guild I gave an example of in this post. I keep trying to find a long term guild to raid with but nobody sticks long term.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Revi View Post
    Depends entirely on why I didn't get gear. Atm I'm stuck in normals due to having a whole bunch of new recruits coming and going, so I haven't had an upgrade in a month or so. I don't mind passing over gear when someone needs it more, but it's starting to get pretty damn boring. If we were progressing in HCs and I had to pass to someone in more need I wouldn't mind at all though, gear is just a means to an end.

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    Why? It makes sure loot is spread out fairly even, and makes it so that if a HWF trinket drops, the ones with an LFR version get's it before the one with a HC version, which greatly benefits the raid group.
    In theory, yes that's how it works and can be the best loot system if done fairly. However I have yet to find a guild that does loot council correctly and fairly to benefit the raid.

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    Currently on month... 3? 4? Idk, couldn't care less. Guild progression > Individual gear in my books, and if I don't 'need' gear then whatever. I'm a mistweaver monk and frankly, 565+ is enough for me to clear heroic as long as the team is decent.

    Despite not really wanting stuff, it's still frustrating to have a ToT neck lol - Wouldn't make me want to stop, but the thought of it is annoying.
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    Probably depends on how attached you are to your guild. If you're in a guild you just joined to loot-whore, then yeah...feel free to peace out. Some of us actually care about our guild as a whole.

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    Quote Originally Posted by valliant13 View Post
    In theory, yes that's how it works and can be the best loot system if done fairly. However I have yet to find a guild that does loot council correctly and fairly to benefit the raid.
    Guess I've just been very lucky then :P I do see the potential for misuse though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Revi View Post
    Guess I've just been very lucky then :P I do see the potential for misuse though.
    I've been playing since launch. Have been in numerous guilds. I tend to avoid loot council nowadays simply because of the abuse many have shown with that loot system. I actually prefer it if it's fair and the only guild I was in where it was fair fell apart(the one in my example, i just needed to get vocal). If that guild could still be together now I would definitely still be there and not be saying much against it.

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    It depends, if I was actively progressing with my guild on new bosses we still hadn't downed, I wouldn't care the slightest if we had the means to down the boss with our current gear.

    On alts where the main feature is the gear you're getting and not the progression, my patience with not getting upgrades because of things other than RNG would be severely cut down.
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    Forever. I'm assuming you mean "leave because I don't get gear" instead of "farm content because the next tier isn't out yet."

    Gear is for guild progression. Earn it by being a better player, pretty simple.

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    Honestly I love the guild and the folks I'm with, so regardless of gear I would keep raiding. Besides just bad luck coins and boss drops, at least for me. The plate wearers in my team are quite happy on the other hand.
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    If you raid not because you enjoy raiding, but for external rewards/gear of which we recognize that it is an consequence of raiding, you wouldn't last long.

    I think it resembles the intrinsic/external motivation experiment.
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    Gear means nothing to me, when I was raiding I raided for the fun of killing bosses, the achievements and sometimes the mounts.

    I kept raiding until we got shit done. Then I kept raiding through farm because I figured I owed it to my guild.

    You always get your gear eventually anyway, I think people are ridiculous when they create drama about loot.
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    Look Batman really isn't an accurate source by any means
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    It is a fact, not just something I made up.

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    Like many other it totally depends on the situation. If it's because of progression and we are extending lockouts or something? I don't give a damn about loot. However, if I am continually being passed over for upgrades for no reason, it would eventually cause me to have to change something.
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    Would clear the thing maybe once then move on to pvp
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    Mop was the beginning of the end for content outside the raid. And by content outside the raid I mean alternative means of character progression. WoD just took this to the next level and shoved everybody into raiding even more.
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    This thread has more entertaining content than WoD

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    When I raided, it wasn't about loot.

    It was nice to have, but I know people who have went entire tiers without a weapon upgrade.

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    Don't understand the QQ about loot council either, my raid groups used EPGP but if they went LC I wouldn't care. I'd trust that the council was funneling gear to the best toons to get the content done quicker, which gets me my boss kills and achieves and heroic loot faster, and puts things on farm faster...

    Quote Originally Posted by clevin View Post
    says the 577 geared raider.
    You don't get very far in serious raiding guilds as a loot whore.

    Well I lie, some of them do. Usually to the detriment of the raid as a whole.
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    Look Batman really isn't an accurate source by any means
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    It is a fact, not just something I made up.

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    I only raid for gear, I could honestly give a shit less about progression or the rest of the people in the group.

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    I'd like to say I don't care, but historically I get very bored after a month or so and I tend to take a little break till next tier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkfriend View Post
    Earn it by being a better player, pretty simple.
    Wouldn't put it strictly that way given a couple of the nice stories I know of regional top guilds.
    That said - if I'd see a decent reason I'd probably go for a very long time without any loots although again it would have to be a good reason since I am a good player and I will participate at every encounter during progress. I'd be lying though if I'd claim that I am not interested in loot at all.
    Quote Originally Posted by purplekayak View Post
    The players that these items are usually going to are not only lower geared but also they have been in the guild a shorter time and tend to stand in fire.
    If this is actually the case I definitely would have a word on the subject with the leadership.

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