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    New Alliance Reroll happening!!!!

    With WoD on the distant Horizon and SoO getting old I have decided its time to start anew. The guild name is still to be decided

    My battletag is --SNIP--

    Project Reroll is a social reroll based on the idea of crafting new friendships in-game making memories along the way. This reroll will have a few restrictions and they will be explained later in the post. The idea is to start completely from scratch and work our way to 90 as one community. There is no race or obligation to get to max level within a time limit. Level at your own pace, and focus on having fun & experiencing parts of Warcraft you might have neglected in the past. We plan to get a raid team together at level 90 and work on SoO. Raid times will be determined later.
    The project will be built from the ground up. At this point we are taking sign ups to get a feel of how many members we will begin with. While everyone is welcome, we encourage members who will devote time & effort into making this a great guild & a great experience.
    Information & Details:

    -Faction: Alliance
    -Guild Name: To Be Decided
    -Realm: To be decided... Looking at Lightbringer
    -Web: To Be Announced
    -Projected Start Date: Tentatively July 1'st at 8pm Eastern.

    Rules & Restrictions:
    -No Recruit-A-Friend or Heirloom(vote for heirlooms on site) is allowed, aside from any earned on these new characters exclusively. (For example, you are free to purchase honor heirlooms while leveling, but you may not use any pre-existing heirloom items.)

    -The character must not be leveled prior to the start date & time. You are free (and encouraged to) make your character and reserve any names desired.
    -Character transfers are not allowed initially but will be opened once people have had a chance to hit 90.
    The focus is on starting fresh!

    -Death Knights are allowed once someone in the reroll has reached level 55 and people wishing to roll a dk are encouraged to start a fresh toon and get to know the people in the guild.

    How do I sign up?

    -To join the reroll, please sign up for our newsletter at (link to be posted below). We will email you important updates (don’t worry, we don’t plan to send more than 2 or 3 emails) including the voting for guild name and a link to the website once it goes live after a name is chosen!

    What will the name be?
    -The name is to be decided by you! When you sign up for the newsletter, there will be a field to suggest a guild name. We will look over the suggestions and email you the link to a poll about a week before the reroll starts. The most popular poll answer will become our guild name! (Before suggesting a name, it is advised to make sure it is not currently in use on Lightbringer .

    Can I be an officer?
    -We are looking to recruit several people for officer positions. The number needed will depend on initial interest, so once the website goes live we will have an application available for anyone interested in taking on some guild responsibility.
    If you have any questions feel free to email me at (to be posted below)
    And remember signup at (link to be posted below)

    Also contact via battletag --SNIP--

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    Please use our guild recruitment forums for your guild needs.

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